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What is it to increase your power to serve?

This idea of increasing power to increase capacity to serve is very important to my work. My spiritual path is not about a self-centric spirituality built on how I can attain more staff, have more things, or how can I make the law of attraction work for me.

To me, spirituality isn’t about making my own little piece of reality better and more interesting for myself. That’s the opposite of this spirituality I’m interested in.

The spirituality I’m interested in is built on this idea of ‘how may I serve’.

Those who get to be in service to others are the most privileged and most powerful of all because are you free enough to be able to offer your life on the path of service willingly, not out of servitude.

Service is not servitude

I think there is a vital point of difference between service and servitude, just as humility has nothing to do with humiliation. Our ego will often equate these terms but it’s a false equivalence.

The very purpose of my life and my brand of spirituality is not the attainment of more things for my own little experience of reality to be fluffy and nice. But rather how may my life be of benefit to something greater than just my own individual experience?

That question, ‘how may I serve,’ navigates everything for me. It’s a question central to everything I do.

When this question informs our work – whether it’s straight up spirituality or heart-centered entrepreneurship or a tangential business and you just identify as a heart-centric person – we put the question of how may I contribute something more to the world rather than taking from it, which automatically increases our power.

To know how to increase our power by shifting out of the ‘what can I get’ and move towards ‘what can I give’ is a really big shift for our ego. Our ego will equate service with servitude and it will make us believe that to be of service is somehow to lessen or lower ourselves.

This is very important to my work, and the work of my students. We spend a lot of time understanding the science of giving rather than trying to receive.

A tool to increase your power to serve

I’d love to share with you a tool that I use and used to grow my business and increase my power to serve. It’s a really simple tool but I think it actually might be quite life-changing for people who haven’t heard about it yet.

My business is the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence and it’s an institute built on the paradigm of sacred service. When I started the Institute I had a very clear idea of wanting to reach as many people as possible and a desire for success. But the reason I wanted to have that success was so that I had more power to go out into the world to serve.

I love the fact that my business is as successful as it is. Not from a sense of wanting to be proud of what I’ve created, but more from the sense that it’s a demonstration of the truth of what we’re about to do together.

Power is measured in human reality by financial abundance because the more financial abundance you have the more energy you have. You have more access to resources and you can reach a bigger audience and go further in the world.

To be successful is one of the greatest acts of service that we can do.

Success starts with prayer

Prayer is vital to me because it’s us making it very clear to the infinite and giving the infinite the opportunity to bring forth that powerful shift I’m seeking. So you can call it intention setting, you can use whatever terms you like, but I like to call it prayer because I’m a mystic. So that language resonates for me very deeply.

Unlike a lot of manifestation, we’re not actually shutting things down. We’re not telling ourselves how we want these things to happen but to set up an energetic paradigm which invites possibility to come into being.

The prayer is uttered again and again and again. Like anything that’s done with conscious repetition, we create an energetic paradigm that allows the infinite to find us.

I invite you to go into prayer with me and, you may notice as we do this process, it is very similar to meditation.

The reason I think there is a difference when we differentiate them is that as Yogi Bhajan says, prayer is us talking to God. Meditation is God talking to us. When we have both of those things in our life, we create space for both the prayer and requests to go out, and then this base for the answer to come back.

If you go into your prayer and then rush off without any stillness or silence or solitude, there’s a very good chance you’ll never hear the answer to the prayer because you’re running around like a headless chicken.

Prayer is an active state and one of the most powerful ways to get into that prayerful state that heart-centred space is heart coherence.

To start the process we drop into heart coherence together and then go into the prayer.

It’s a very short process, no more than a minute or two, but you’ll feel the difference between this and a prayer of petition, which is ‘oh my god everything sucks, bring me more money, why are you ruining me?’ That is a prayer of desperation and it’s not a constructive act.

If you haven’t done heart coherence before you’ll enjoy it very much. It is a form of prayer in itself, but we’re gonna use a breviary edition here just so we can get into the action of the prayer.

Watch the video or read on below for the written exercise.

Start with heart coherence

If you’re safe to do so, close your eyes, taking a deep breath in through the nose, letting it go out through the mouth. If you’re in a public space or you’re not safe to close your eyes, just turn your attention inwards.

Take two fingers to the centre of your chest, that touch signifying to your consciousness that you’re deferring now to the wisdom of your heart’s intelligence.

You may feel a sense of expansion instantly just by making that acknowledgment, but let’s increase that sense of expansion.

Let’s go further, knowing that the heart centre is the centre of your physiology that produces the largest electromagnetic field. It’s literally the place in your body that reaches the infinite one mind, the god mind at quantum field most efficaciously.

We do that by bringing to mind something that brings us a sense of gratitude, appreciation, and joy.

I invite you to keep it very simple, very straightforward, find something that’s an easy-to-access symbol for your subconscious. The perfect cup of coffee or a smile from a beautiful stranger, the sun on your back – whatever it is, let yourself be moved by that feeling.

Keep bringing your mind back to it with single, pointed focus.

You feel that expansion in the heart, into that electromagnetic field, grow easily and gracefully just by choosing to hold a feeling state that creates a high vibration.

Stay present now, keeping your eyes closed.

Just turn that hand gesture into a flat palm in the centre of your chest.

If you prefer, you can even take your hands into Anjali mudra, which is the two hands pressed together, palms pressed together at the centre of your chest, the thumbs applying gentle pressure to the sternum. Or you can just place your left hand over your heart centre and keep your eyes closed, feeling that entity that you’ve generated there into that portal to the one mind, that gateway to the quantum field where all truth, all possibility exists.

This is heart coherence and is a precursor to all of our devotional practices. If you want to easily get into prayer or meditation contemplation, begin with this practice. In a normal duration, I would do this for around three minutes.

It’s not relaxation, it’s not meditation.  Keep your focus with laser-like precision. Keep elevating that feeling state.

Move into the prayer/mantra

Now you’re going to the prayer. The prayer can be spoken silently or out loud. I use the word God but I invite you to change that to whatever feels comfortable for you (such as infinite consciousness).

“Dear God, increase my power to serve.”

Feel that prayer ripple out from your heart and move into the field.

You might continue to repeat it to yourself silently or out loud like a mantra, but as you do it, the feeling state of that prayer must be in coherence with that open expansive heart.

If you feel fear rising when you utter that prayer then this is a good moment to jump out of the prayer and go use your tools to meet your fear. The micro method or tapping. Don’t keep going in a fearful state because your vibration is the prayer.

Gregg Braden tells us the feeling is the prayer. Increase my power to serve and in that prayer you’re inviting me in. Because that increase of your power to serve is absolutely the purpose of your life. It’s in congruence with the reason that you have been placed on this planet.

If your prayer was ‘Dear God, increase my bank balance, or increase the number of subscribers I get this week, or increase the number of clients that book one-on-one sessions with me,’ there’s nothing in that that is benevolent.  There’s nothing in that that is stating very clearly that your intention is to be of service.

As we’ve already identified, power in this world is very often associated with financial abundance. So you’re already requesting all of the things that you might think you’re after when actually what you want to do is be here in a big way.

I’ll take a deep breath in now. Lay your hands in your lap and when you’re ready, just gently blinking, open your eyes.

How did that feel?

A solid foundation to increase power, abundance and success

If you get this right, everything you do is built on this rock-solid foundation.

You know why you’re doing what you’re doing and if you think what you’re doing is simply to get more money or to get more power for the sake of power, or to get more people liking you for the sake of likes, then that will just make a noise in the field. It won’t magnetise anything towards you other than sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Simply wanting power for power’s sake doesn’t work. We’ve got to know there is something bigger.

I think everyone needs to know that I don’t think it has to be a spiritual idea but that there is something greater that we are here to do than just to attain for our own success.  That can never work, it’s breaking the laws and can actually repel success.

I want to reiterate that I’m not speaking from point of view here. There’s so much evidence of what is possible when you put a higher purpose, a higher path of service, at the centre of what you do.

Not because you love money or success. But because you are unafraid of success and power because you know what it’s meant to do.

We can do so much more when we’re in our power and living from that point of service

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