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When I started teaching people how to activate their intuitive intelligence, I struggled to know how to put everything I had discovered over twenty years into a process that can be followed step by step.

I struggled, not because I don’t have a process. I do. And it is outlined in replicable detail in my book ‘Spiritually Fierce’. I struggled because I was starting in the wrong place.

Intuitive intelligence isn’t the techniques we use to activate it. To open to our intuitive intelligence we need to radically shift our belief about our selves and our true nature.

What I have come to know is that the process of activating intuitive intelligence in anyone begins identifying the belief that he or she has about the world.

Intuitive intelligence, more than anything else, is the cultivation of a belief. If this belief is lacking then I know exactly where to begin in activating intuitive intelligence in my client.

I have never met a person yet who was actively living this belief even if they knew it to be true.

Knowledge and experience are two very different things.

Just as we know it is possible to speak French it doesn’t mean that we will ever take the time to do so. We can believe something to be true but until we put in the work to have a direct experience of that knowing it is purely conceptual, and it cannot alter us.

The belief, or mindset, in which intuitive intelligence flourishes is this:

I am a divine piece of a benevolent Universe that is communicating with me all the time.

We need to traverse the divide between knowing that all is one, to experiencing that oneness. In other words, to be intuitively intelligent we need to make friends with our divine nature.

Intuitive intelligence is a spiritual path.

It is fact that we are all intuitive, powerfully intuitive. We are so powerful in our intuition that in every moment of our lives we can know right action and be lovingly guided towards our highest truth.

It is also true that the human journey is one of forgetting our own inherent nature and so we must work to activate our connection to our divine intuition. This goes for most of us, but not all.

We have all heard of or indeed met those rare individuals for whom accessing intuition is both highly pronounced and seemingly effortless. And yet even for those who are born with the window wide open to their intuitive powers, and these powers come in many different ways, the capacity to deepen their intuition is possible.

It is in fact the work of this life, for all of us.

This is because, as Sophy Burnham tells us in her book The Art of Intuition, becoming more intuitive is exactly the same as becoming more spiritual:

When individuals asked Edgar Cayce how to become more psychic, he answered that the goal is simply to become more spiritual, “for psychic is of the soul”, he said, and as you become more spiritual, the abilities develop naturally. If this individual is not interested in spiritual betterment, he should leave the skills alone.

Intuitive intelligence isn’t simply a skill we acquire and use to improve other parts of our life, although it will do that. Intuition is the sign of a healed mind. Intuition is the language of the Soul.

Intuition is oneness.

Intuition is knowing that we are a divine piece of a benevolent universe that is always communicating with us.

Intuition is a return to love. And love is all there is.

When we begin to understand this we crave the activation of our intuition in the deepest parts of ourselves.

We know that to be disconnected from our intuition is to be a somnambulist in our own life.

We know that until intuition is awake and alert in our heart and our soul that our minds will always be attempting to imprison us in a palace of fear.

We understand that intuition is simply a symptom of an evolving consciousness.

And that is what we are all here to do. Evolve.

Innate sixth sense + developing the inherent spiritual qualities of intuition = intuitive intelligence.

Intuitive intelligence = upgraded world.

What exactly do I mean when I talk about an upgraded world?

Everything in our lives is improved when we are opened to our intuition. We get that long desired upgrade to the first class version of our reality. A profound communion with Universal Consciousness typifies an activated intuition.

Cosmic Consciousness is the storehouse of all wisdom and knowledge of the entire Universe. When we activate our intuition we move into communion with this field, and suddenly we are in flow with life.

It moves through us, as us.

The upshot of intuitive intelligence is that we no longer believe we are separate and isolated. We experience oneness as a natural and true state so that we are living our best life. We are in total flow with it!

This is mastery level stuff.

We are going to connect with a purpose and desire for our life that powerfully transcends what we think we want right now. It is unavoidable.

When we open to our own transcendent nature, when we start to commune with cosmic consciousness, when we partner with God actively, we are thinking like the Universe. We are no longer held to the limits of three-dimensional human consciousness. And so we stop wanting only that which we can see at the limits of our current reality.

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