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“God is the ceaseless longing to become all that you can be” Pam Grout

This year I announced that my personal mission had evolved. It is my work to teach people to know that they are God and everything about this is so freaking aligned and powerful.

And yet. I notice that there are times and places in which even saying the word God makes me hesitate. I find myself substituting the G word for Infinite, for example.

Why do I do this? It’s my mission, after all. Why would I water it down?

The very stark reality is that for many people God is still an idea associated with religion, and whilst nothing I do is religious everything I do is about God. I feel myself wanting to head off people’s prejudices at the pass. I omit the word God so that no one will be ‘triggered’ or offended or turned off. But here’s the thing. God has nothing to do with religion. Not the God I am speaking of.

So I want to clarify, and I will keep clarifying until God is reclaimed. Pam Grout puts if perfectly when she states that, “God is the ceaseless longing to become all that you can be”. Yes! A thousand times yes to this!

God is the infinite intelligence of the Cosmos. God is not an idea in our minds, we are an idea in God’s mind. We are God.

I could keep adding to this list but instead I want to offer you another way to think about God. God is overcoming the belief in separation. God is unified consciousness. What does this mean in real terms?

It means we stop saying things that spiritual people say all the freaking time without realising what they are doing… ‘Spirit guided me to do…’ and ‘my angels say…’ and ‘I’ll tune into my higher self…’.

There is simply no need for any of that kind of language when we know the true nature of God. There is nothing that is not of God. We are not guided by spirit/angels/guides. We are those things for all those things are God. When we
say that we are connecting into our intuition we are falsely suggesting that there is the possibility that we are ever not connected to our intuition. Our intuition is simply us remembering we are God.

Our God Consciousness is all that we are. Everything else is a faulty split or division in that consciousness. It is the ego’s attempts to separate us from what we are, for the ego is that part of us that believes it is separate from God. God is the yearning in our souls to unite with what we truly are, our ceaseless longing to become whole.

I implore you to stop separating yourself from what you are by disavowing your power. You are infinite unlimited consciousness. But that’s a mouthful so I am just going to say it like it is. You are God. And that’s why I cannot stop using that word no matter how uncomfortable your past associations with the word might make you feel. It is vital we reclaim this word as an act of reclaiming our own glorious truth.

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