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Intuitive Intelligence as a spiritual philosophy and practice is so vast and glorious, that to understand it can take a lifetime. It is akin to understanding ourselves as God. In a series of posts I’ll share some different ways into this life changing concept.

Intuitive Intelligence is highly practical. It is just us in our natural state of being completely connected so that the information of how to make good choices in our life, of what the best path to lead us to our best life is comes to us readily and effortlessly and naturally, not in the way it normally does when we end up bouncing from one crisis to another through great deals of stress and trauma and learning through terrible pain to figure out who we are.

This idea of baptism of fire that so many of us believe is how we become wise enough to teach or share is not necessary or normal. We are conditioned to believe in the worthiness of suffering.

I felt my spiritual calling from a young age but I honestly believed I had to suffer in order to be taken seriously. I spent my twenties in an emotional firestorm, subconsciously believing that this was how I earned my spiritual stripes.

The truth is, joy is our natural and inherent state of being. Any thought idea, person or thing that takes us away from that is wrong. The more we are in your natural state the more we are able to access our Intuitive Intelligence and vice-versa.

Joy isn’t an external emotion. Joy is an internal emotion and what that means is that when we are in our joy we are in flow with life. We don’t need anything ‘good’ to be happening outside of us to be in that place. It’s not temporary or fleeting. It is you vibrating at your highest frequency.

Intuitive Intelligence is not just about ‘I know where to go or who to marry’. It’s our return home to our natural state because we know we are divinely supported at all times.

The Universe is always communicating with us. Our job is work the muscle that will allow us to hear that communication.

Intuitive Intelligence is that guiding voice that assures us we are not doing this journey called life on our own. When we know that the Universe partners us we don’t feel that terrible yawning grief of loneliness.

Intuitive Intelligence is returning to a true knowing that you are supported 100% of the time.

Intuitive Intelligence is simply the remembrance that what we need to know is there. Yet we need to create the right conditions in order to receive that Intuitive Intelligence. If we are committed to activating our Intuitive Intelligence, then we need to practice the techniques.

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