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I have been reading the text of A Course in Miracles for years. Because of the way this book has been written, it feels like I’m decoding the writings as I’m reading them. I’m also transmuting the knowledge I’m reading and experiencing it. It has been an instrumental tool and defining influence in deepening my studentship.

Like all great spiritual texts, A Course in Miracles has been challenging me to expand my consciousness and think beyond the trinkets and superstitions of today. It also compelled me to think about how I can surrender belief and ideologies that are not serving me.

Those ideologies, while keeping me separate from God, are also keeping me in a form of prison. One of those ideas is that we, as human beings, tend to believe that there is worthiness in suffering. Another is is that we awaken through that suffering.

People often talk about times of tragedy or adversity in their lives and they think of it as the beginning of their rebirth.

They look at is as their spiritual maturing, the start of their spirituality.

Before that they haven’t had a perspective on the world that was coming from a spiritual dimension. These tragedies, chaotic and catastrophic events causes them a lot of suffering.

Despite anything positive that may come out of even such as those, is that really the way it’s meant to be?

Is that how we are supposed to wake up?

My reply to that question is a resounding and loud “NO!”.

You don’t need suffering to awaken.

Let’s look at this from a different angle. Why do we think that we can only awaken through suffering? Are we somehow predisposed to think, even at a subconscious level, that going through suffering makes us noble and worthy?

I don’t think so. The answer is way more simple than that. Our immortal reality is our true nature. However in our waking dream state we are not aware of it. We are not aware of the fact that we are infinite.

We are God consciousness.

Even in that sleep state, God, the infinite consciousness is still present. Gently beckoning you to wake up. You are asleep, in a bad dream and the things you are experiencing are not real. It can be really loud wake-up call to come back to your infinite natur.

When things are going wrong in the reality you’re in, it’s easy to succumb to the idea that you are walking around in an illusion.

Would you want the illusion to end if that reality is working out really well for you? What about waking up then? Would you have the fear of rocking the boat?

All of this is going on at a deep subconscious level. When everything in your human reality is going great then why would you start believing it’s just a dream?

These ideas are all on the subconscious level and your ego is telling not to wake up. It’s telling you, why would you mess with it? It’s all going great. If you change something, you’re going to lose out.

This is all ego talk.

Our 3D reality, that we are buying into is simply an illusion. It doesn’t exist. While we are in a dream state, there is no motivation for you to wake up. When we are predisposed to suffering as a way of awakening and that it defines our worthiness, the fear of awakening is in the fear of losing that.

In the movie, The Matrix, a character called Cypher becomes a double agent. He reports back to the machines who are using humans as batteries. He betrays the humans and ends up causing tremendous harm. The machines, in return for his service insert him back into the matrix, into the illusion.

The fear of losing everything we love is a great motivator.

At the same time we fear that we will lose something through our spiritual seeking. Even if that something is only real in the dream state.

He wanted to return to the illusion of the matrix because he lost things that he meant a lot to him. Like red wine and steak and the comforts he no longer had when he woke up from the illusion. Back in the dream state he felt safe again and his life was working out.

He originally chose to wake up when given the choice but was disappointed because he no longer possessed the things that made his ego happy in the matrix. Unlike the representation in this movie, when we wake up from our dream state, we don’t lose anything.

When we wake up from the dream, what we acquire is immortal, infinite consciousness and power inside the dream. There is a definite distinction there. The fear of losing our human trinkets in the process of awakening is embedded in everyone’s human consciousness.

Let’s approach this with a different perspective.

When you wake up in the dream, you no longer perceive the dream as being real. You see it for what it is. You are not losing the contents of the dream. You are aware that everything in the dream is an aspect of you and there is no separation. And you can’t lose something that doesn’t exist in the first place.

The reason for you being afraid to wake up and answer your soul’s yearning is in the surrendering of that illusion. Whether in this lifetime or the one after this one, your soul will be answered and awakened and that will not be through suffering.

Being comfortable with your own power is giving up the madness of the illusion. Your consciousness returns to its truth. There is no giving up of anything required.

That is waking up. That is the beginning of your bliss.

All my love.

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