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When I know that I am my castle, I am always safe. This is something a wise man said to me while I was buying some produce from him at a local market. I knew it then that it had expressed how I felt in my heart and soul about the work we do at the Institute For Intuitive Intelligence.

This whole idea reflects my centre of being and the foundation of my faith.

Everything that you are is God, infinite, unlimited consciousness. I say this to you but at the same time, I don’t want this just to be something I tell you about. I want this to be a living and breathing experience for you.


Everything that you are is on the other side of fear and it is a choice put down that fear.

To know yourself is to be your own castle. To know that you are what you need makes you powerful. To know that it’s what you possess within and not without that brings you closer to God and to your own unlimited nature.

When you think that you need objects outside of you to attain some kind of superpower is the easy path but it’s just the illusion of a magic bullet.

Those things don’t bring you closer to God and they will not help you achieve your own unlimited nature.

You think you need those external things to obtain a superpower. What if I told you that you already had a superpower? Getting to know yourself as God and your knowing, in general, is your superpower!

My mission is to help you get to that understanding that you are infinite and unlimited.

That is how God perceives you! Once you have that knowledge, you know that everything that is outside of you is nothing more than an illusion. You know that there is no more separation from that infinite consciousness.

As you overcome your belief of separation and see that truth, that all is one, you fulfil the first law of mentalism. That law states that all is one. You see the reflection of yourself in everything and the fear is therefore removed because you know that whatever happens, it’s serving you.

Cultivating your spiritual sight is also a process as well as the result of that acknowledgement of no separation.

When you surrender to the infinite and allow it to use you, you let go of your perception of how things need to work. A Course in Miracles states that God wants you to be happy and all that you want for yourself.

The confusion is about what makes you happy and how to obtain what makes you happy. Understanding your belief in separation and letting it go leads you to the truth of you already being what you’re seeking.

Clarity comes from this understanding.

Going beyond the New Age trinkets and superstitions is a part of that understanding and overcoming that belief of separation. Those immutable laws that I speak about in Spiritually Fierce back up that truth. Failure and disappointment is no longer an option once you stop looking outside of yourself and become aware of just how magnificent and glorious you are.

At the end of this process, you will perceive yourself as God perceives you, as the layers of understanding are peeled back gradually. Of course, there will be discomforts during this journey. Finding external things to ease those symptoms of discomfort, however, will not serve you.

Knowing that those discomforts are serving you and are taking you closer to meeting yourself as God will. You will meet your fears.

Every single time you are faced with fear, make it a friendly ally.

Fear is a good indicator that things are out of accord. It indicates that things are not working the way you want them to work. Once you look at fear as a friendly ally, you will see in it a messenger that is course correcting you, bringing you back to the truth of who and what you are.

The ultimate truth is that fear is not real. If it isn’t real, it doesn’t exist. It if doesn’t exist then it can’t possibly threaten anything.

Seeing through fear and into truth is seeing fear as an illusion. The path through that is not going to be a straight and narrow one. We are all predisposed to being addicted to the feeling state of fear. As such, the path from fear to truth is much like rehabilitation program.

It’s a process but it’s very much worth it.

The only thing that is preventing you from knowing that you are magnificent and unlimited is the illusion of fear. That is the reason why you must show your spirituality. In our temple, I help my priestesses change their mind about themselves.

Our year together is a rehabilitation program to facilitate them meeting their God and Goddess selves. This year-long program is designed to peel back the layers of illusion to learn who and what they are. Be willing to meet your fear and show up to your spiritual path.

That is your only job, your only purpose.

Dogma and belief systems, meditation, yoga, these are all things that are most commonly associated with spirituality. What I want to make very clear is that what you need instead is meet that fear illusion with as much courage as you can muster to meet the truth.

To meet yourself.

Spiritual seeking is about overcoming that belief that you are separate from God. That you need things outside of you to attain it. So when I’m talking about seeing your reflection in everything, I’m talking about seeing God in everything.

Everyone that you love, everyone you hate. Everything that happens in your life that frustrates you. God is in everything you see because God is on your mind.

You are entirely self-contained because you’re the infinite and you are serving your own awakening. When time and space doesn’t exist, the time spent searching for the truth doesn’t matter. What matters is your consistent willingness to meet yourself as God and faith. Faith is all about action.

So I’m asking you to act.

Put your faith in yourself.

When you do that, you let go of your fear story and you will see yourself as God sees you. The idea of form lifts as you see through the illusion of it.

When you give up your fear through your process of awakening, that illusion falls away and you return to that infinite, unlimited state that is your birthright.

Are you carrying fear because you think it’s easier to drag it around with you instead of saying, enough, I don’t want to carry that baggage around anymore? At any given time, you have the power to look at any fears rising up. Why then, are you carrying it around like a burden? Do you really need it?

When you hit your absolute limits in your life, it’s because you have not stopped to look at your fears and meet them face to face.

This is when things come crashing down and escalating events take over your life. Believe me when I say this, You can prevent crashes like that by looking at your fears, however small they are. Furthermore, meet them and consciously recognise that you’re not reaching for the highest vibration you possibly can.

It’s up to you to choose better. Take that short time out of your day to investigate the small fears when they come up in your everyday. Remember, fear is nothing but a friendly ally and an illusion.

As such, when you sit down to spend some time investigating and meeting your fear, what you’re really investigating is only an illusion. Once you start digging and discover the real reason behind it, you can meet it with grace, ease and harmony that will facilitate its release.

All my love.

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