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As I’ve talked about before, your intuition is the same as any muscle in your body; you have to use it.

You need to exercise it to give it strength, to be able to use it properly and reap the benefits of it. Many people will do so when they first encounter intuitive intelligence practice, but then let the ‘practice’ part of that slide a little over time.

Life does sometimes get in the way. But there is a need for ongoing maintenance of your spiritual power and instinct, and it doesn’t need to be terribly difficult.

Here are six great ways you can exercise your intuitive muscles in your everyday life.

1. Don’t drink alcohol, or take other mind-altering substances

In the current day and age, having a glass of wine at the end of a hard day has become almost a rite of passage. There are memes all over social media that would have you believe that working mothers can’t function without their sav blanc of an evening. And while I accept that I can’t expect you to abstain altogether; as often as possible, you should keep your mind clear.

To hone your intuition and understand your true self, you need opportunities to get to know yourself substance free. A glass of wine (or other mind-altering substances) helps to ease your anxiety and remove some of your daily stress, but removing fears and worries is not what intuitive intelligence needs. It needs you to feel them and face them. So as often as you can manage it, give the wine a miss.

2. Get enough sleep

This advice is of course much easier to give out than to carry out. Adults are notoriously lacking in sufficient sleep. This numbs our cognitive insight and exhausts our physical bodies, making it impossible to connect with anything or remember words like ‘spoon’ and ‘hairbrush’.

Adults need around eight hours of sleep every night. It is better if you try to establish a pattern, going to bed and waking up at roughly the same time every day. Don’t have your body or your room too warm; you need to cool down to sleep comfortably. Add white noise to the room if this helps. While we talk about how your mind and insight never sleep, in order to communicate with your intuition regularly, your body certainly needs to.

3. Keep your smart devices out of the bedroom (and turn them off early enough to wind down)

While our digital devices are like extra limbs, in that we can’t live without them, being too connected on a digital plane means you really can’t be connected on your intuitive one. Make a rule to turn off your devices at a reasonable time before you go to bed. And then leave them outside of your bedroom. This helps with the sleep you desperately need, and can also improve your personal relationships.

4. Practice meditation daily

One fantastic way to do this is using the Micro Method Guided Meditation that I outlined in an earlier blog. Do this daily (it works best when you first wake up!) and you will find the ideas and actuality of living spiritually fierce will become more natural to you.

Another simple practice is to begin each day, before you get out of bed, mentally blessing everyone you will meet that day. Allow your mind to travel through your day and see everyone you have time scheduled with receiving your love and blessing.

This is especially useful if you have stress about meeting that person as this will prepare the ground for an easeful communication and productive meeting. Be sure to see your blessings going to all those you might incidentally meet and to anyone and everyone in your environment. This will allow you feel that you are creating the conditions of your life, rather than passively receiving them. It also brings your mind into the sacred nature of your reality before stepping out of bed.

5. Make love with your hands

In a previous blog I talk about the one hand gesture which, if applied regularly, can help you to connect with your vibration and your true awareness. Activating your intuitive intelligence means retraining our subconscious to not just accept the surface worries and fears, but go deeper and connect with subconscious fear.

Physical actions that remind us to connect with the subconscious really work, as you will see with this simple hand gesture. Easily throw it in as you go about your everyday life. Use it to sense your personal power and spiritual self-esteem.

6. Keep the philosophies at the heart of intuitive intelligence within sight.

You are working to achieve love and lightness, and keep this at the core of your being. In order to do this you must regularly examine the things that are holding you back. Examine your fears and take them apart until they don’t frighten you anymore. Face your fear fearlessly.

There will have been words or sayings in my practice that will speak to you, and remind you of what you are trying to achieve. Write some of these on post-it notes and put them around your home where you will see them. Put a note on the mirror, and next the kettle. Have one sitting above your keys. Put them on the back of the toilet door and under your visor in your car. Of course, you don’t have to go old school with this; you can do it digitally. Put reminders in your phone to come up across the day.

You should write the things that have meaning and connection for you and will signal you to get back on track. But here are some ideas:

  • ‘Turn your passionately focused attention inwards’
  • ‘Compassion, gratitude, appreciation and care’
  • ‘Energy first, physical second’

Meeting and understanding your intuitive self is of course possible, and you can stay close friends if you are prepared to put in a bit of work. With regular tune-ups, or daily awareness exercises, intuitive intelligence, infinite power and inevitable success can be yours.

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