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Intuitive Intelligence Teacher Certification

Qualify as an Intuitive Intelligence® Teacher and diversify your Certified Trainer qualification

8 weeks: 11 March – 3 May 2024

Enrolments open: 18 September | Enrolments close: 30 November

Intuitive Intelligence Teacher Certification

Qualify as an Intuitive Intelligence® Teacher and diversify your Certified Trainer qualification

8 weeks: 11 March – 3 May 2024

Enrolments open: 18 September | Enrolments close: 30 November

Become qualified to teach the theory and praxis of Intuitive Intelligence®

  • The Institute is proud to offer Teacher Certification in the Institute’s original and groundbreaking approach to the development of intuition – Intuitive Intelligence®.

  • The Teacher Certification is only open to qualified Intuitive Intelligence® Trainers (who also hold Membership).

  • The Intuitive Intelligence® Teacher Certification (IITC) qualifies you to teach the core philosophy and practices of Intuitive Inteligence® into your own workshops and other teaching formats.

  • The IITC also includes training in Intuitive Intelligence® Tapping for use in groups and workshops.



  1. To ensure Teachers have a confident comprehension and understanding of the content of the most revolutionary form of intuition training available globally, the Intuitive Intelligence® philosophy and practice;
  2. To ensure trainers have the capacity to deliver the training to their students in a dynamic and engaging way, thereby revolutionising the students’ relationship to and use of their own personal use of Intuitive Intelligence®. This includes learning how to develop strategies for teaching in regards to both the teaching and learning experience, and;
  3. To provide graduates of the Intuitive Intelligence® Trainer the opportunity to diversify their Intuitive Intelligence Trainer qualification, by granting them the intellectual property rights to the theory and praxis of Intuitive Intelligence®.


  • Access to the theory and praxis of the most revolutionary form of intuition development available.
  • Activate your students’ Intuitive Intelligence by showing them how to break through the subconscious fears that currently block their intuition.
  • Support them to master the 3 immutable laws that govern our life, and yet are largely unknown to the world, to increase their intuition.
  • Explore the leading-edge science of intuition, and the role of the anatomical heart as our most powerful intelligence.
  • Teach them daily practices to turn intuition into Intuitive Intelligence.
  • Train them to command intuition into consistent action
  • Guide them to become Spiritually Fierce, fearless and unlimited


  • The science of intuition
  • Heart science
  • Determining our dominant intuition style
  • The Law of Mentalism
  • Energy expansion
  • Releasing subconscious fear
  • The Law of Correspondence
  • Guided visualisations to increase intuition
  1. Radical forgiveness
  2. Meeting our shadow archetype
  3. The Intuitive Intelligence Micro Method
  4. Intuitive intelligence Tapping for groups
  5. The Law of Vibration
  6. Mantras and chanting
  7. Radical gratitude
  8. Increasing spiritual sight

Intuitive Intelligence Teacher Certification is offered as an 8-week online program of workshops and clinics.

  • How to teach the Institute’s approach to the development of intuition called Intuitive Intelligence® in any teaching context.
  • Delivered over 8 modules and 8 clinics across 8 weeks, training in the most unique and transformational intuition development called Intuitive Intellligence® pioneered by the Institute
  • Training in Intuitive Intelligence Tapping for use in workshops and groups as developed by Institute Mentor, Angelique Adams
  • How to be a transformational teacher
  • Training in the logistics of teaching in person and online including how to: insure your workshop, how to market your workshop, how to choose the right venue, how to take bookings, how to create terms and conditions, how to package your workshop as part of your other services and how to on-sell your services to the workshop attendees
  • A teaching manual for you including the core curriculum and lesson plans
  • Use of specially designed Teacher logos for your branding
  • A legally binding disclaimer for your workshop attendees outlining the perimeters and limits to how they can use the content of the workshop
  • Access to copies of Spiritually Fierce at wholesale price (plus postage and handling) for your students
  • The Intellectual Property rights to teach the theory and praxis of Intuitive Intelligence® in your service

Payment Options

Choose from two options

Upfront Payment
$3950 inc GST for Australian residents

Payment Plan
4 month payment plan $1100 per month


As an intuitive intelligence teacher, how do I identify the training I have qualified in and when am I required to identify it?2022-07-26T12:26:38+10:00

When you are promoting or sharing the theory and praxis of the training, you are required to identify the source material as developed by the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence®, and yourself as an Intuitive Intelligence® Teacher. This applies if you are using 10% or more of the Intuitive Intelligence®Teacher Certification curriculum in your program. We recommend that you do this at the beginning of your training and in your shared teaching resources provided to your students.

During the teaching of your programs and workshops, you are not required to quote Ricci-Jane or reference the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence® if the program is more than 10% of the curriculum of the Teacher Certification. You are simply required to ensure students know the origin of the material in their decision to enrol, and at the beginning of the program.

If you are sharing the practices or theory for promotional purposes including lead magnets, webinars, online meditations, interviews, articles, blogs, social media posts of all kinds, multi-author books, and anything else of this nature, then you must identify the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence® as the originator of the work.

The theory and praxis of Intuitive Intelligence® that you are trained in as a Certified Teacher, is original content, even when we reference other’s work. That is because we are bringing together existing knowledge in a new way. For example, teaching intuition development through the Hermetic Laws is an example of the original use of existing material. Some students have previously tried to claim that as both intuition and Hermetic Laws existed prior to the Institute’s training, then there is no need to identify Ricci-Jane Adams or the Institute as the originator of this work.

Originality in research can be defined in any of the following ways:

  • Setting down a major piece of new information in writing for the first time.
  • Continuing a previously original piece of work.
  • Providing a single original technique, observation or result in an otherwise unoriginal but competent piece of research.
  • Showing originality in testing somebody else’s idea/theory.
  • Carrying out empirical work that hasn’t been done before.
  • Making a synthesis of things that haven’t been put together before.
  • Using already known material but with a new interpretation.
  • Trying out something in this country that has previously been done only elsewhere.
  • Taking a particular technique and applying it in a new area.
  • Bringing new evidence to bear on an old issue.
  • Being cross-disciplinary and using different methodologies.
  • Looking at areas not previously explored in a particular discipline.
  • Adding to knowledge in a way that has not be done before.(Phillips and Pugh 2010).

On this basis, the originality of the theory and praxis is established, and deidentified use of the individual component parts of the training would be a breach of copyright.

We encourage you to use the logos developed specifically for you as a Certified Teacher in the promotion of your training. You must include the logo most relevant to you in your student resources.

What would happen if i used the Intuitive Intelligence® IP without identifying it?2022-07-26T12:29:29+10:00

You would technically be stealing our work and we would have the right to take steps to stop you. This may include taking legal action, which we would prefer to avoid but it may be necessary if the situation calls for it. Successful completion of the Intuitive Intelligence®Teaching Certification, as well as maintaining your annual recertification by holding current membership with the Institute, and completing any necessary professional development, grants you this permission.

Can I use Institute for Intuitive Intelligence® logos in my marketing?2022-07-26T12:30:27+10:00

A logo or trademark is any photograph, word or symbol used to identify a brand, service or product. To avoid confusion, we have designed logos for use on your website, marketing materials, business cards and printed literature. You gain access to the logos upon becoming a Certified Intuitive Intelligence® Teacher. We strongly recommend that you use this logo.

I want to incorporate some of the Intuitive Intelligence® concepts in my own work without identifying their source. Is that ok?2022-07-26T12:31:22+10:00

No. The materials are protected by copyright. You cannot repurpose any of the program materials and pass them off as your own, or rewrite the materials and imply they are unique to you.

Intuitive Intelligence® is a protected trademark. Even if you only copied part of the material created by the Institute, you would still be in breach of our IP rights.

I like the Intuitive Intelligence® Teacher curriculum but I think I can adapt it or incorporate it into my own work and make something better. Is that ok?2022-07-26T13:52:41+10:00

The principles of Intuitive Intelligence® should not be reconfigured in a way that could lead the public to believe that the concepts and ideas that constitute Intuitive Intelligence® brand are the creation or work of anyone other than the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence.

Any changes to the practices and processes that would cause Intuitive Intelligence® theory and praxis to be misconstrued as anything other than the creation of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence® must be avoided.

Whilst you are welcome to utilise Intuitive Intelligence® alongside your other modalities and practices and combine them in your own programs, you are not entitled to de-identify the work of Intuitive intelligence®.

Can I use my Intuitive Intelligence® Teacher certification materials to teach others?2022-07-26T14:24:41+10:00

Yes. The training you undertake equips you with the skills needed to teach others Intuitive Intelligence® theory and praxis (as shared in the Certification). You understand that the Certification and Training is provided for your professional and personal development, professional service in a one to one and small group mentoring client setting, and through group programs and workshops.

I am putting together a presentation and/or some educational handouts. Can i talk about Intuitive Intelligence®?2022-07-26T14:25:20+10:00

Yes, but you must credit the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence®. We have known of some graduates who have used Intuitive Intelligence® training material in their lectures, presentations and educational handouts, without acknowledging

Why can’t I use Institute for Intuitive… or Intuitive Intelligence®in my business/social media names?2022-07-26T14:59:01+10:00

It could lead clients to misunderstand who is providing the service, possibly thinking it is being provided by our organisation. This applies in all languages and countries. In addition, we discourage the use of any variation of Intuitive Intelligence® or ‘Institute for Intuitive…’ in your business name, email address, domain name, or social media, that could be construed as similar to Institute for Intuitive Intelligence®.

What happens if I don’t continue with professional development?2022-07-26T14:58:00+10:00

We only allow Graduates who commit to ongoing continuous professional development to use the Intuitive Intelligence® brand and IP. If you do not renew your membership or complete the Annual Recertification to Practice (professional development), we cannot guarantee that you will be kept up to date with the techniques and your training.

I have qualified and have received my certificate(s). Can I use the title I have gained?2022-07-26T14:57:32+10:00

Yes, you are authorised to use the title on your certificate of Intuitive Intelligence® Certified Teacher when you advertise yourself or your business, as long as you continue with your professional development – please see below.

Can I create audio and video recordings for my trainings, including meditation and tapping visualisations?2022-07-26T14:32:17+10:00

Yes, you can create your own audio recordings for your clients and students. However, these recordings must reference Intuitive Intelligence® and credit the Institute. Keep in mind, you will be provided with some audio recordings as part of your training which you can use to improve your practice. You can also provide clients and students with links to original recordings, where provided.

I made a recording during Intuitive Intelligence®Teacher certification. Can I post it on my website or on social media?2022-07-26T14:26:34+10:00

No. You may not film or record any material during training sessions/events without our full consent. If we do give you permission to make a recording, this permission is solely for the purpose of your own learning and the recording should not be published. You must not share any recording made during a live training session with anyone outside the program or publish that material externally, anywhere, including on social media.

I am writing a book and plan to include some of what i learned through Intuitive Intelligence® training. Is that ok?2022-07-26T14:25:59+10:00

If you are writing a book you cannot include the work of someone else without the owner’s permission. You must contact us to seek written permission if you would like to reference any Intuitive Intelligence® copyrighted material. This includes any reference to the Intuitive Intelligence® tools or techniques, including words, photographs and diagrams referencing Intuitive Intelligence®.

Read the agreement for the full media and IP guidelines2022-08-24T17:08:12+10:00

Important Information
The agreement is available on this page also and you need to read it closely for the important details. To summarise the key points:

1. This qualification teaches you how to be an exceptional teacher and develop high-quality pedagogy to share the curriculum of this program in whatever way you want (within the guidelines of the Media and IP policy available in the agreement)

2. It provides you with the intellectual property rights to teach this material, diversifying and expanding your Intuitive Intelligence Trainer qualification

3. We ask you to hold Teacher Membership. This is a special tier of Membership that offers you ALL of the benefits of the Certified Trainer Membership PLUS 2 professional development sessions per year (an additional 6 hours of PD. Which means a total of 24 hours of PD annually for your Membership investment). There is NO assessment with this but it will ensure you stay connected to the most current version of the material as the research develops over time, and that you can have ongoing support from me in your role as a Teacher

4. If you are currently completing the Intuitive Intelligence Trainer you can enrol in IITC BEFORE receiving confirmation of your qualification. If there is any delay in your successful completion of the Intuitive Intelligence Trainer we will work with you to resolve this as quickly as possible so you can take your place in IITC.

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