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There is one thing we don’t talk much about in the spiritual community and that is the idea and use of New Age trinkets and superstitions. I wanted to touch on this biggest spiritual taboo subject because it’s very important to me.

This is about the things we, as spirituals seekers, feel the need to buy or have, to do the work of the spiritual seeker for us. I call this retail spirituality because we think that by buying those things we somehow increase our spirituality. 

The same goes for engaging in a specific modality for the same reason. Because we think that it will increase our spiritual power. I’m talking about things like crystals or drinks that are supposed to give us special magical powers and open our third eye and crystal beds and the like.

As they are, none of those things is bad. The problem comes in when we use those things to substitute our own personal and spiritual development with them.

The mystic’s path is that of a spiritual seeker. That happens within us. All those other things are external. We are seeking for that power outside of ourselves.

By investing in spiritual trinkets we are essentially saying that awakening to your truth, to your unlimited God-self and consciousness, can be bought.

I want to debunk that myth right now.

This topic becomes a spiritual taboo because we see those who are adhering to this external seeking practice as spiritual people who have great spiritual power. We begin to think that that is enough when it really isn’t.

What I would want to know, if I were to learn from someone on a spiritual path is: How much happiness do they possess?

Spiritual seeking is an inside job. It is meaningless if it doesn’t lead to transforming your life for the better. Happiness, contentment, inner peace are all we are working towards in our mystical seeking. All that comes from the inside, not from objects of New Age superstitions.

There is such a thing called “too woke”, however.

You can go far down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories, aliens, crop circles and other fringe subjects the spiritual community are into. The internet is a hotbed of information if you’re willing to dig far enough.

Some of these ideas present at the fringes of the spiritual community but sometimes they are at the very core of it.

At the end of the day, none of those ideas matters if your tribe is not better off as a result of your own spiritual seeking. They are just redundant elements of a belief system. A Course in Miracles talks about upgrading belief systems.

You can be an individual who loves hunting one minute and then suddenly awaken and decide to become vegan. That is the path you follow from then on.

Does it mean anything if you don’t change from the inside? If your internal state is still unhappy and angry? Are you more spiritual just because you’re now vegan?

You have just upgraded one belief system to another. Or not even upgraded, just swapped. You swapped to another belief system that will be taking you away from God just the same. Because that is what belief systems do.

They take us away from God.

It doesn’t matter what you believe. Nothing takes you further away from God than saying to someone that because they are expressing their spirituality differently to you and are on a different path to you, they are wrong. Or they are less than you.

The path of the spiritual seeker is a solitary one. I love my solitude. That is a path for you to walk alone, not in company.

It’s in the solitude you meet your soul. You have to be willing to go on that journey. That’s not to say that you don’t need support. You can have your network, your tribe, your circle, you can have your spiritual bling. But none of these contains the power.

That power lies with you.

Upgrading your belief system to what you think is a more spiritual system won’t get you closer to the truth. Happiness, contentment and inner peace are the indicators of truth.

These are the qualities that will stand the test of time. These are the qualities you need to cultivate in your life as a spiritual seeker. These qualities will also be with you at all times regardless of your external circumstances.

You will still have bad days. However, you will be more resilient and will recover quicker. God resides in the solitude where you meet yourself. Remind yourself of that before you ascribe power to people with a specific modality of belief system.

There is no magic bullet other than your willingness.

Your God-self resides in the stillness, the silence, the quiet places. Shopping for different spiritual beliefs, practitioners or modalities will not get your closer to God. Doing the inner work will.

Consider that before you look to people who appear to know the most or seemingly have the most sophisticated belief system, that inner work is solitary.

The measure of a mystic or a spiritual seeker is in none of those things. The questions that is going to change your life is: Is the path I am considering or that I’m on, increasing my happiness and wellbeing?

By my mid-thirties I was a veteran spiritual seeker. I have studied a lot, read a lot, had some amazing experiences but I was angry. I was an angry person. That anger just escalated after the birth of my second child. I got angry with God and turned my back on him.

I also turned my back on spiritual seeking because what I saw was that none of what I was doing was making my life better. I was angry and mean, to other people and to myself.

We project the unrealistic expectations we have of ourselves onto other people. When they let us down it adds to our suffering. Nothing and nobody could bring me peace, in the place I was in.

In my book, Spiritually Fierce, I write about series of events that eventually brought me to my knees. I realised that my own spiritual seeking had been built on a flawed foundation. God wanted me to be happy but nothing I was doing was taking mo closer to achieving it.

The biggest spiritual taboo is why, we, as spiritual seekers as a community are so unhappy.

Why are we obsessed with trying to fix problems all the time? Why are we constantly looking for new modalities, therapies, practitioners to fix us? Past life clearings, energetic attachments, blocked chakras and things like that. It’s all just bullshit!

The question is, why are we denying ourselves what God wants for us. God wants me to be happy and to know my own happiness. Surrendering belief, reaching the one mind, one thought. That is where happiness is lasting.

Your willingness to know that you are healed, unbroken, powerful and potent goes against all that New Age spiritual dogma and superstition. Accept no compromises or anything that can diminish your power and potency.

Only love is real, anything else is a fear and illusion. Are you ready to be unafraid? Are you ready to meet the illusion? That is who the spiritual seeker is. All in the one mind, in truth, all love.

That is what being “woke AF” is. To be awaken on this path is to know yourself as God.

Release your victimhood. Take responsibility for how you respond to the world.

Remember, you are God. Hold that in your focus and your vision. If you’re uncomfortable with the word “God” replace it with something like “infinite consciousness” or “unlimited consciousness”.

Meet whatever fears might rise in you without looking for problems to fix within yourself.

Nothing outside of you is responsible for your happiness.

Your intuition is your greatest tool to meet your fears head on and know yourself as God. Becoming fearless is to awaken from the dream, reclaiming your birthright to happiness, your unbrokenness.

All my love.

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