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Miracles happen when you show up for yourself by incorporating deep devotional silence in your daily practice. Cultivate that sacred space by making it a daily discipline. You don’t have to go away to a retreat. You can create that experience for yourself every day.

What makes this meaningful is your commitment to make it a part of everyday practice. Not just when you need something from God. Showing up with consistency means having a practice that is easy to incorporate into your normal everyday life.

What that practice includes is entirely up to you.

You may choose to have a set ritual you perform every day or you may go with how you feel to express your devotion at any given time.

It will become a part of your life and you will no longer have to worry about carving time out of your day to perform your devotionals, they will just simply be part of it.

One way to bring this into your life is silence.

In the silence, you are confronted with being with no one but yourself and your thoughts. Sit in silence until the deep intimacy of the divine enters you. You need this space to meet God.

In our normal 3D world, there is just no space for that.

God is in the silence.

God is in the gaps.

God is in the pause between breaths.

God is in the soundlessness, not in the sound.

I am not talking about the silence that is filled with something else that doesn’t make a sound. It’s not you being asleep or not talking while you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed.

This is intentional, conscious, devotional silence.

The alchemy of turning fear into love is an act of conscious commitment. Don’t do it because you think you must do them to get credit with God. Do it because you want to cultivate a deep and fearless intimacy with the divine.

This might mean that you will need to let your family know that you will be silent for a period of time. There might be some resistance from others to accept this new practice from you.

I encourage you to not let that put you off and stand firm on your commitment to this silent retreat.

There are many things you can do while you’re practising your silent retreat. Prayer and meditation are only a few.

These are practices you can also introduce to your daily retreat practice.

You can even go on walks for your silent devotional time.

It’s about that intentionality and deliberateness that you carry out this practice with that will help you with tuning into divine communication because it moves your attention from the superficial world.

Walk with the consciousness of your infinite mystical self in that silence that you’ve cultivated.

This is when you will truly start to commune with Mother Gaia and the world around you. When you are attuned, you will know, without a doubt, that you are loved and supported.

Perhaps you can collect some items from your walk, with her permission and take them with you. A flower, a rock, let them be reminders of the sacred commitment you have made to yourself.

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