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When you understand the difference between intuitive and mystic, you also understand what is possible to achieve when you step into the path as an intuitive. The distinction between those two lies in the way you serve.

As an intuitive, you use your skills in things like coaching or doing readings for others and yourself. You are probably using Oracle cards to divine an answer to a question. You are using your intuition to access information for personal gain. Your questions would be things like, “should I date that man?” or “should I buy that car?”.

It’s great to have that skill and capacity to get that type of guidance for yourself.

But what if that is not enough for you? What if you want more?

You may be doing readings for other people or giving them coaching or intuitive guidance. In the background however, you haven’t got your own life figured out. You are not taking accountability and responsibility for your own life.

At the same time, the mystic will in that space of intuitive power all the time. It’s never switched off. You are using your intuitive skills in the act of service. For the mystic, that is every breath they take.

You, as the mystic are infinite and unlimited consciousness. Your life is completely congruent with that. There is no switching that off. It’s not a part-time gig. There are no days off.

Learning to develop your intuition and recognising that you are an intuitive being is the pathway to being a mystic. You become the mystic when you realise that your whole life is your service and start living that way.

Your whole life is an act of devotion and your holiness is your service.

Let’s not confuse this with martyrdom though. Martyrdom is an addiction to the constant state of giving.

What transforms the world is that vibration that mystics hold as they are living a life congruent with their God-consciousness.

Intuitives have the same capacity but they turn it on and off as they require it. When you are living in that state of the mystic, however, that intuitive information is constantly available to you, without you having to even ask any questions.

Being an intuitive or a mystic is a choice of whether or not you trust the Higher Power, that infinite unlimited consciousness that is always with you.

Sometimes you might not know why you are being directed towards something. The mystic hands over themselves to God completely.

That congruence is shown by living a life that is demonstrating that truth and bliss.

As the mystic, your role is not to try to convert people but merely to create that space where people working with you are able to meet their own brilliance.

You see beyond the veil of the form and the egocentric identity of that person and you are meeting their formless, God-self and infinite nature. That is where you arrive to the truth, that is how you are being the mystic.

Recognising that you are God is often hindered by low self-esteem. That is an act of fear that isn’t serving anyone and is stopping you from fulfilling your sacred service. While you are in that state, you cannot call yourself a mystic.

When you are using your intuition and you communicate to others that they need to love themselves more or rid themselves of negative thoughts or have more self-esteem but you haven’t done or not doing any of those things, then you are being incongruent.

You can tell when you are being incongruent in your life because the Universe will let you know. When you are putting blocks in between you and your God-self you will feel that disharmony.

Stress and anxiety are clear indicators of that. So is declining physical health.

Meeting your fear increases your spiritual self-esteem and is another step towards becoming a mystic. Avoiding them, like the intuitive who believes that they can say one thing but do another is also a big difference between the two.

For a mystic, their entire life is sacred service. That service is holy and transformative. They must be willing to look at the world with spiritual sight. They know it’s not about knowing exactly what the next step is going be for them.

It’s about letting that communion flow between them and their God-self with ease and grace.

All my love

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