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There is nothing outside of me.

When I let the illusory idea of form go, I am only One.

When I perceive the world in this way, I recognise that Oneness is looking back at me.

Everything I see is me looking back at me in accordance with my belief about myself.

I can only see what I believe.

I must meet my fear because what I see is what I believe about myself.

Spiritual self-esteem is knowing that I am God. Anywhere I perceive that this is not true then I have unmet fear in my subconscious.

Everything is formlessness, in truth.

What I see, being a formless projection of consciousness, can only behave according to the execution of my thought.

My thought is what God thinks, as all is of God’s Mind. And so I can rest in peace knowing that if see an unloving world I have simply forgotten my truth.

I project onto others my own fear and think I see it in them because I believe fear is real and I believe I am form.

Beyond form, perceiving oneness is my path home. But it cannot work when there is unmet fear, because I will be too wedded to form, and project that fear onto the world, and think it is in the Other because I still think in terms of duality. I am creating an illusory, fear-filled reality.

All work, all service, is of the Self.

I transform the projection I inhabit by transforming my belief about myself.

It cannot be any other way.

When I am willing to inhabit what I truly am I heal all. I return all to love. I see a peaceful world for what I am matches what I believe. It is simply a shift in perception – that is all healing is, combined with or precipitated by a surrender of judgement.

Understanding that not only is nothing separate to me but that I am also crafting what I see through a direction to my consciousness.

Not all my thoughts, all the time, are that powerful of themselves, but my foundational belief/thought is.

The foundation of my thinking is most likely built on fear for that is the dominant paradigm of our age, knit into our subconscious and inherited through our genes – but not fixed.

Consciousness raising is entirely possible. To train our consciousness is the work of our lives.

Nothing exists at the level of form so we an alter our reality with a shift in consciousness alone.

We cannot solve the problem at the level it was created.

The problems of the world will not be solved with the thinking of the world.

We must rise above.

Rise above form to lovingly perceive reality into our vision, which is not our personal vision.

This is where it goes wrong for most of us. We are still thinking in the language of separation so out vision is aligned with duality and when that limited vision doesn’t come to pass we believe it should, we doubt God’s grace and ourselves.

We are only afraid to hand over our limited human vision to a greater mind and for a grander expression of human reality when we are still thinking in terms of duality and separation.

Our first and only goal must be to meet our fear, and the rest will follow.

We will meet ourselves as God and our vision will become as glorious as we are.

When we make the permanent shift from fear to love we want nothing from the world.

What could we possible meet in the dream of separation that is a match for meeting ourselves in unity and Oneness?

To be God’s grace in the world will be all that we desire so that others may meet themselves as that.

People will look and say, ‘Your life is a miracle. You have everything. You are so successful’. And you will laugh and know that the richness is within.

How do we learn to live in this state of being?

It takes a decision to place the soul at the centre of our reality. This isn’t something that needs to be done or can be done all at once.

With time, scaffolding and spiritual direction the soul-centric life flourishes. Add to this the path of sacred service, and the return to holiness has begun.

This is the foundation of the Third Level. Take your place in the sisterhood. Meet your fear and awaken to your truth dear one. Your time is now.

All my love,

RJ xo

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