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There is no such thing as intuition.

I haven’t lost my mind, no need to worry. Let me break that down what I mean…

What I am saying is that people are talking about their intuition as if it were a completely separate thing from them.

Something external that is to be accessed or attained so you can discover the next step you need to take in your life.

Do you think that it’s your intuition that knows all the answers to your life’s questions?

Your intuition, in its fullest manifestation, is a power that is always there with you. You are never NOT using your intuition. You are in a constant state of communion, therefore, there is no such thing as tuning into your intuition or looking for a sign from guides or angels or whatever.

When you are in a state of complete flow and communion, you are not separated from your infinite consciousness, so you are not separate from your intuition.

It’s a false sense of separation that is deeply seated in egoic-centred thinking. That thinking makes you believe that you are separate from your God-self and you need an external source that has all the answers.

If anything, intuition is the removal of all the blocks between yourself and your knowledge that you are all there is. It ends that duality thinking that gives you that false sense of separation from God. You are in fact the answer to the questions that you are seeking external answers to.

When you are using intuitive intelligence, there is no need to tune into anything because you are your intuition. You know all the answers. In fact, you are the answer. You know exactly what you are supposed to be doing and where and when.

That knowledge terrifies you though.

You are terrified and so create this finite identity between you and God to stop yourself from realising that you are, in fact, God and that you are, in fact, your intuition. The truth is, you are fully and completely realised right here, right now.

You could put down your fear and step into that but you will not do it. You will not do it because you know that it will give you absolute power and personal responsibility.

So, you create emotional chaos instead.

That is what spiritual narcissism is. You make everything about you. Constantly. You hop from one drama to the next. You never reach that peaceful state of unlimited, infinite self. Joy and happiness escape you.

What you don’t realise is that it’s all right there for you. Instead, you “tune” into your intuition, you pull a card, swing your pendulum, ask your guides.

You abdicate your personal responsibility.

The truth is that you cannot possibly make the wrong choice.

How much time do you waste wondering if you are making the right choice?

There is no such thing as the wrong choice as long as you make your choices with love. You will always be course-corrected back to the same place we are all going. And that is towards our single purpose of knowing what we are all infinite and unlimited consciousness.

So, no, there isn’t some magical place outside of us. There is no such thing as intuition.

Are you going to wait on the will of heaven to see if your choices are right? Or are you going to craft your own reality?

Your 3D reality is all the objects around you. All those objects are attach to your ego-self and you are convinced they are real.

When you realise that you are God and you are the one building your dream, you are starting to wake up to your reality.

Do you think that your intuition is separate from you? That if you get enough external evidence then you will make better decisions?

Intuition is an echo of what you are putting out.

It’s not the answer. You are.

You are the one creating your intuition and it’s a reflection of your relationship with God.

If you feel that you have lost your connection to your intuition, what you are really going through is that you have lost your relationship with God.

Your intuition is an echo of your relationship with yourself.

There is no special magic day when all of a sudden everything will align themselves for you in the Universe. You are manifesting your reality and creating your own path with your belief of who and what you are.

If intuition is anything, it’s you remembering that you are God, infinite, unlimited consciousness.

Don’t be afraid of what that means. It means that you release your finite mindset and take ownership of everything that has happened and will happen. You are crafting your destiny.

Every sign you recognise is a sign you have created. Do this from your God-self.

All my love.

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