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Pursuits of self-awareness, health and wellness are all good things and positive things but there are some things they are not. They are not spirituality or mysticism. Neither are they the deep soul seeking where all paths lead eventually.

That deep soul seeking is the road that leads to God, the infinite one mind and becoming an optimised human being.

What is an optimised human being? How do you get on the path towards it?

An optimised human is someone who works based on their heart’s intelligence, their intuitive intelligence.


It’s someone who is living a soul centred life.

They are those powerful human beings who are living and breathing examples of the most magnificent expressions of humanity.

Elon Musk recently tweeted about how meditating on the crown chakra is one of the most powerful tools used to create the life he is living now. When we have a conversation about what becoming optimised mean, we simply cannot leave out the spiritual path.

More importantly, that is where becoming an optimised human being begins. The heart’s intelligence is the highest form of intelligence there is according to research organisations like the HeartMath Institute.

When we are able to prioritise our intuitive intelligence above anything else, other intelligences in our body will also activate, such as our cranial and analytical thinking. The genius mind, as Joe Dispenza calls it, is essential to have an optimised life.

Once we place the soul as a priority, things like abundance, power, success, inner peace will develop naturally. However, that is not the typical occurrence because the spiritual seekers are not the primary human archetypes.

The spiritual seekers, the mystics, they are not the most revered archetypes. We don’t consider them the most successful and most optimised versions of human beings.

We don’t see the pursuit of the soul commonly because it’s all happening on the inside. It’s very private to the seeker and we don’t necessarily attribute mysticism or soul seeking as an element of people’s success.

We see people as being highly successful entrepreneurs, business people or thought leaders. However, when we dig deeper, we find that these people place their soul nature a the centre of their reality.

If you are prioritising everything else over your soul, your results are going to be hit and miss.

Is that how you feel? Have you been getting results in your life that are hit and miss? After what I have just told you, I don’t want you to judge yourself for it. Instead what I want for you is to recognise what has been happening. Recognise your addiction to fear and it being your dominant paradigm.

You get used to what you constantly see around you.

You are used to being in survival mode. It’s not laziness. This is what you are tuned to energetically. In this survival mode, you are operating from your lower three chakras and just trying to get things done and keep ourselves together.

You’re trying to keep it together in your career, your relationships, in your life in general. That is the exact opposite of an optimised human being. That is the opposite of an optimised life. That is a life lived in constant survival mode. There may be some exceptional moments of transcendence but they are not the norm and are far and few in between.

That is not what I want for you.

An optimised life is not one lived in that survival mode where you are just trying to hold it together all the time and you are meeting your basic needs. When you are in an optimised state, you no longer react to your external circumstances in your life.

Rather, you are the one manufacturing your own circumstances. You separate yourself from that dominant, fear-based paradigm that is gripping the planet. You must become consciousness engineers to contribute to changing the current fear-based paradigm.

That is where you create in the state of miracle-mindedness and grace.

You no longer want to plug into whatever the dominant paradigm is but instead you take back your own personal power and you are free. Emancipated from that dominant paradigm.

This is possible to achieve when you’re living from your heart’s intelligence, your intuitive intelligence. Holding your consciousness in a high vibration, you are no longer a victim that is reacting to what is happening in the world.

You are manufacturing your own reality and this is something we can all get better at.

Master this and you will start seeing miracle after miracle in your life. Miracles will be the norm in your life, not the exception.

They will a part of your everyday life.

This is what it’s like to live the life of an optimised human being. This is the life of someone who has chosen to change their perception and who and what they are. Matter or form no longer dominates them.

As such, they are able to hold their consciousness at the level of pure consciousness. They are more energy than matter. When you make that leap from being dominated by matter to a state of more energy, you start leading a more optimised life.

You stop being a victim of reality and events that happened in your life. No longer will you be trying to be healed.

You will not be approaching the infinite field, asking to be fixed, to be healed. You will be choosing the reality you want to create for yourself instead.

Your focus will shift from what you didn’t receive to what you are choosing to create for yourself instead. The only way to change the story of the dominant paradigm of needing to be fixed or healed is to become aware of it first.

I want to support you to change that story. My 12-week initiate program is a small mentoring group where we create that paradigm change within the group.

The program is the contents of my book, Spiritually Fierce and it’s a support program to help you break your addiction to being plugged into the dominant paradigm.

This program is a powerful game-changer in that it’s the beginning of your separation from a life dominated by form.

Your relationship with everything changes when you’re looking at the world with spiritual sight. There is a deeper meaning to everything and you have clarity in the next steps you need to take towards that optimised life.

This is a program that will be your support system framework.

Many of the people who work with me are stuck in a paradigm where they can’t live from their intuition, despite the fact that they are aware they are intuitive powerhouses. They are not living an optimised life because they are not trusting their intuition.

This program accelerates this paradigm-changing process and moves you out of your survival mode. This program is for anyone on a spiritual path.

When I stop using these tools in my daily practice, I start slipping back into being more form. I become dense and frustrated with the world. My body will start becoming heavy, my relationships are affected and I don’t have the usual clarity around my next steps to take.

I have to wake up to myself and realise that it’s happening because I abandoned my regular devotional practices.

When you become aware of what is happening and re-establish those devotional practices, you immediately return to your higher vibrational state. In truth, no matter how many times you have done this program, you will get something out of it every time you participate.

Whether you’re a beginner or far along on your spiritual path this program will benefit you as another accelerated leap forward on that path.

We look at the three immutable laws, an ancient occult wisdom that we should have been initiated into as children. When we master these laws, we have the potential to become powerful manifesting gurus. During this program, you will become capable of engineering your own reality.

As spiritual leaders, our goal is to live that optimised life, to be that evidence to all that if you have ambitions to change the world for the better, you need to live a life that is aligned with that idea.

Your optimised life is the powerful, living demonstration of what is possible when you live an optimised life. That, in turn, will inspire people around to work towards reaching that state of being.

Beyond just changing others’ perception of themselves, you are actually changing the energetic paradigm. That is what an optimised human does.

All my love.

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