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You have the ability to create and manifest your own reality. The formula is simple but you need to completely honour it to have its full effects in your life. Let me tell you about the most powerful way to engineer consciousness.

We are lucky to live in a time when we can truly embody our roles as consciousness engineers. Despite that though, many of you feel that you are not living the lives you are meant to be living.

The base for the formula that will lead you to live your life fully expressed and optimised is fully rooted in living in congruence. When you live in a congruent state, every that is yours comes to you. That is my own experience with living in congruence.

The ease and grace with which you are able to access your intuition make for a completely effortless being. It’s an effortless state of being and flow and that is what makes everything come to you the same way.

You are God.

Therefore, anything you are manifesting yourself is congruent with the highest vision of what God wants for you.

When you are effortlessly consciousness engineering and are tapping into that truth from your deepest intuition, you are in congruence with what God wants for you.

Your life is a constant flow state when you are living it fearlessly. But, how do you become fearless?

You move from fear to love.

We are susceptible to make our choices coming from fear. These unmet fears can rule every aspects of our lives, without us even being conscious about them. We look at them as our normal, everyday processes, just the way we are. We tend to just accept that it’s how it is, no questions asked.

If you have not shed your fears yet and you start working on manifesting and to consciousness engineer for yourself, what you will attract is more of the same fear-based elements. Meet your fears first to avoid building your life on a faulty foundation.

When you are no longer ruled and directed by those unmet fears and subconscious patterns, you can start to create the way God creates. In an unlimited, infinite way.

Your primary goal should be to want what God wants for you. To find out what that is, you need to meet your unmet fears. First and foremost, your fear that you’re not God or that you don’t have that power in you to become congruent with the highest part of yourself. You must be willing to accept that you are God.

Visionary intuition is when you wake up to the fact that you are not meant to be stuck on the level of consciously co-creating from your limited human perspective.

You are meant to co-create from your highest level which is your most successful level. When you recognise that you are God having a human experience.

All fears come back to the same basic fear: you are not God. That unmet fear shows up in many different ways and manifestations in your life. That is what creates limits and makes you feel powerless as well as allows you to relinquish your personal responsibility as well.

When you engineer consciousness, you do that from your God-self, not your limited human-self.

Once you are on-board with what the infinite has for you, the choice to release fear is easy. It’s not a difficult or painful process. It’s a decision you make to adhere to a higher vibration and create that state of flow that will support your surrendering to the process. Surrendering it because control is just an illusion. When you are clamouring for control, you are setting up your own limiting expectations. That in-turn creates a painful experience when those expectations are not met.

God wants for you exactly what you want for yourself.

All my love

RJ xo


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