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If you identify as a spiritual entrepreneur, then there are things that you can do to ensure that your success is not hit and miss. It’s easy for spiritual entrepreneurs to get caught up in the fear, guilt and shame around turning your spiritual services into a profitable business.

The idea of charging money for your sacred spirituality may put you off completely. I want to take this conversation to a higher level than just the question of whether or not you should charge money for the spiritual services you are offering.

I want to start that conversation by asking you, are you reflecting God in your service?


Is your life a daily struggle still? Are you constantly chasing after your next client?

Do you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing?

The first thing that will guarantee that your life as a spiritual entrepreneur is not a hit and miss is going beyond what all of the human ideas of what success looks like.

What has helped me take the Institute become the cornerstone of my work is the idea that I can, of my own self, do nothing. With this mentality, your success is guaranteed.

When you take on spiritual entrepreneurship on your own, when you think you have to do this on your own, figure out all the steps on your own, identify your ideal client on your own, have to make it work on your own, you are still struggling.

In holy communion, inside the unified field of consciousness, you stop struggling like that. You are no longer participating in the lack mentality, you are shifting out of the mindset that you are not a part of this unified field and into the truth that you can create anything and be successful in your own right.

You are putting your human stuff aside and you let the infinite use you to express its vision to the world. Put down your limiting human expectations and let God or the infinite speak to you directly and express to you why you are here on this earth in the place.

When you are in that truth that you don’t have to figure anything out on your own, you allow yourself to be used by the infinite consciousness and it will guide your steps.

The second thing is to know that you are pure and unlimited consciousness and surrender the idea that you have limitations. There are no limits to what you are capable of doing and achieving. If you think you have limitations then you are living within borrowed beliefs of those limitations.

You are glorious, even if no one showed you before that you are.

Let go of that human sight.

Ask yourself instead, how do I look in the eyes of God. Use your God consciousness, your vast expansive sight to perceive your reality.

How to do that?

It’s simple. When you are doing your work, you need to stop relying on your human agenda and your borrowed beliefs. Deferring to others for your success is killing your creativity. Creativity is the language of the soul and the source of your inspiration.

When you look to others for it, you’re cutting off that natural creative flow, your conversation with the unlimited consciousness.

When you are getting insights that are not mixed with somebody else’s experience, you are completely original. You’re not looking for someone else’s approval. You are taking action at a 5D level reality.

Create from the level of energy first and then the physical second. You not only go to that place of stillness where you can receive God consciousness but you also create on that level.

Your life in your 3D reality is all your programming but it doesn’t mean that you are not subconsciously creating in the 5D reality. You can manifest anything unconsciously. So might as well start creating your 5D reality consciously.

One of the laws of mentalism is that everything is an act of mind. We are all only consciousness.

What you see in your physical reality is a projection of that consciousness. Your 3D reality is matter-centric because it’s easy to be that way.

So as a spiritual entrepreneur for 2018, I ask you put down your planner, your pen and paper and go into that one mind instead. Go into union with your God-self and take on that vibration. You don’t even have to know what that vision looks like, that’s all 3D level stuff. Let God take care of that vision for you.

When you want to create that miraculous life at the 3D level, all you need to do is hold that vision for yourself. The more you do this, the higher your vibration will be able to go. Remember, there are no limits to how high you can go.

Every time you go into that state, every time you hand yourself over to this creation of your reality at the 5D level, you are uplevelling your capacity to hold that miracle frequency. When you are holding that frequency, you are bringing it through you into your 3D reality and everything just starts lining up for you.

The third one is to look at what is the highest feeling state you are able to hold right now.

The practice of heart-coherence is the fastest way to get to that feeling state. It’s a combination of techniques from a variety of spiritual sciences.

In this practice, you tune into the unified consciousness, the one mind or the God mind, in order to become or to produce an energetic signature that matches with the life that you want to be living.

This is not a meditation practice but profound consciousness engineering and something you need to let build inside you.

With these tools you will be taking back your authority and your creative control, knowing that this consciousness engineering is of the highest order.

All my love.

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