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During sessions, I often get insights of my own that are not specifically related to the person I am in the session with. I feel it’s important that I share with you this thought that occurred to me while I was sitting with someone today.

When we start walking a spiritual path, an awakening begins within us. We become very excited about our purpose, our mission. This awakening process is absolutely spectacular.

The goodness that results from that awakening process, we just want the whole world to awaken with us.

When you start to awaken, you also become very excited about finding out what your purpose is. It stirs a part of you that just wants to know. What is my purpose? Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? This is where you can get confused and stuck easily.

That “doing” part has nothing to do with your purpose.

Asking those questions has nothing to do with the real reason you were put on this planet for. Those are the meaningless distractions that take your focus away from the real answers.

Let me bring some clarity to this.

I want to make it really clear at this point that your “doing” is not your purpose!

What is your purpose then?

I want to give you an answer to this question. What I’m seeing is incredible and powerful people, all of them spiritual seekers, getting caught up in that question.

“What am I meant to be doing with my purpose?”

The answer is, you are here as an aspect of God.

Is this the right modality for me or the right training course? Am I supposed to be doing this or that? I want to put an end to those questions right now.

The truth is, God doesn’t care what it is you do. It makes no difference to the infinite. Your purpose is much the same as anyone else’s.

People are spending their creative energy trying to solve a problem that already has a solution. And the solution is that your purpose is the same as everyone else’s. When you remove that, what you are left with is freedom. This is something that can terrify you. The thought of the freedom that you can do whatever you want in your life that creates the most joy.

You might prefer that God gave you a specific purpose that is just your own. No one else’s. That leads us to think that if we don’t find that specific purpose, then our lives will be meaningless.

Ego makes you think that that you are here with a unique individual purpose that is separate from everyone else’s. And that is the be all and end all. These are the indulgences of the ego mind.

I’m telling you, you are not here on this planet as a unique individual.

It’s an ego-maniacal lie we tell ourselves that we have some God-given purpose we need to find and carry out or else we fail as a soul person. This only perpetuates the fantasy that we are more like God than the person next to us. What we all are instead ist eh faces of the infinite consciousness.

We are all divinely planted here on this earth. We are one.

We are all on the journey to explore ourselves as consciousness manifesting. We are not distinguishable parts of the whole. We are oneness.

This is why my purpose is no different from your purpose. How you will express that however, is where your creative freedom is.

Your divine fate is to serve the greater good. You are here to make the world a better place for everybody around you. That’s it. That’s your purpose.

We are all God. We are all here in service to the awakening of that truth, the awakening of that consciousness. That service is love. Not fear.

I urge you to overcome your doubt about what your purpose is and you will stop losing your creative energy because of it.

The highest form of service you can give is to have as much joy in your life as you possibly can. Don’t put the pressure on yourself to find that one that you think will lead you closer to your purpose. Choose love instead of fear when expressing your soul.

All my love.

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