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I talk about the anatomy of fear a lot. I talk about looking at fear, meeting fear and not being afraid of fear, a lot. I also talk about fear being an illusion and I teach that to my students as well. In this video I share an introduction to the anatomy of fear. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic, please comment below to share.

Recently a brave soul shared with me the experience she had when she was just a child. She talked about the fear that arose in her when her father abused her.

Because this is something that others have experienced as well, I wanted to address it as well as honour her courage in coming forward with it.

These experiences can come up in different ways during your spiritual awakening.

Fear is mostly looked at as a physiological response of the body. Your flight or fight response. It’s the instinct that kicks in when you’re in danger and your body instantly responds to get you out of that situation.

When I talk about the anatomy of fear, it’s not this physiological response I am talking about. There is an unmet fear, a subconscious fear her abuser has never faced and therefore perpetuated the cycle of passing it down to her through the abuse.

When you’re unwilling to face your own fear, you ignore the suffering you can be causing to others. You don’t get to choose what happens to you but you do get to choose how you respond to the experiences and events in your life.

You have the choice to alchemise them and make them into gold.

You can choose to transmute that pain into gold and end that cycle of passing on pain, suffering and fear. Use the experience to build it into your awakening process.

The first immutable law of the universe is that “All is one”. In a world where everyone is accountable for their actions and people didn’t harm each other would hold ourselves responsible for the vibration we put out.

Fear, as an illusion, is a metaphysical concept. When you step on to the path of the mystic, you do that by facing your fear illusions.

You are surrendering your human experience and start seeing things differently. You are changing your perception of things that happened to you.

I can’t talk about the anatomy of fear without talking about the anatomy of love.

The idea of human love is really just a perpetuation of fear through it being conditional and ownership based. The love I’m speaking of is that of God consciousness. It’s not about what a nice person you are.

It’s power in its purest form. The only human concept I can liken it to is compassion.

Compassion is a fearless state. It’s also a judgement free state. It’s when you are willing to put down your human story of being right or wrong.

This is why it’s hard for us to understand when someone causes suffering to another person. When you start looking at it from a soul-centric perspective instead of an egocentric way, you will see the true nature of love.

If you are in a state of fear right now, I am asking you to go and meet it fearlessly. Your truth is on the other side of that fear.

Love is big, bold, powerful compassion. It’s not everything feeling nice and comfortable. It’s about you being willing to meet yourself as God.

So put down your human stories, your littleness.

The more you meet your fear, the more you are becoming attuned to that love frequency.


Fiercest love to you dear one, RJ xo

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