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Moments of beauty often inspire me to share my thoughts. It was during one of my walks on the beach that I had been thinking about one of the hot topics in spirituality right now. The concept of waking up. Waking up to what is real and what isn’t. What does that even mean, “waking up”?

The idea of awakening ourselves, to me, always comes back to the teachings in A Course in Miracles, that we are in a dream.

For many, this dream is a nightmare full of fear and illusion. Did you know that fear is not real? It’s only a part of the dream.



What is real is love!

What we are doing, however, is akin to moving furniture around in a burning building. We are doing things that have no consequence at the end while avoiding looking at and dealing with real issues at hand.

We are trying to make the dream better by focusing on things and actions that are redundant. We cannot engineer a dream!

Spiritual awakening literally means to wake up from that dream.

Waking up from that dream by shedding the grip of the ego. Letting it go, so it no longer has a hold on our souls.

Once that happens, it no longer controls us. We release our attachment to the futile task of trying to make the dream better.

This is the crux of it! Many people are still very much afraid of letting go of that dream state. They are scared of what they are going to lose once that release is achieved.

When you wake up, however, you are no longer working from something that relies on the ego.

Those thoughts and fears you had about separation dissipate. Those attachments from when you were in a dream state also disappear. You no longer feel the attachment to your children, families, money, power, status.

It’s all gone. That waking up process is what overcoming the belief of separation is.

There is no place to compromise in that process. There is no place there to make your dream prettier or more productive, successful or financially abundant. These things will happen as a result of your awakening. Instead of looking for compromises, you are going to meet yourselves as God and so the desire for money, status and power is replaced by an infinite state of being.

What could you possibly desire when you are infinite?

What could you need when you are everything all at once?

Awakening – the path to it is neither hard nor easy.

What is required is your surrender and relinquishing your limited human belief of what is good. You know that analogy from earlier about moving furniture around in a burning building?

When you awaken you stop doing that and you move towards your infinite nature. The paradox of awakening is that you don’t take your limited human reality with you into the awakening process. You also don’t lose it either.

All those things that you are pushing towards at your human level of consciousness will come to you in your awakened state.

They will come to you because you no longer believe they are separate from you.

When you desire something, it means you believe it is separate from you. Unavailable even. What I’m talking about here is so much bigger than just acquiring more stuff. My wish for you is that you remember that your life’s purpose is to awaken to what you truly are.

All my love.

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