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When you start off on the path of the spiritual seeker, it’s a real commitment. I want to make it very clear, this is a choice and not a burden.

The weight of responsibility, delving into deeper meaning, constantly having to meditate or be a good person is what you must do when you’re a spiritual seeker. This is nothing but a myth! I want to shift your thinking towards looking at your spiritual seeker’s path as one of complete privilege that you make out of your own free choice.

You are absolutely and completely free to choose to pursue it.

You are completely free to choose to search for the deeper meaning in your life. When you’re in a constant state of upheaval in your life, when you’re struggling for your survival, you will very rarely have the privilege of time and space to investigate the deeper meaning or the higher purpose in your life.

When you’re in survival mode, your immediate needs are about your basic survival. Food, shelter, safety and the like. All your energy is being channelled into meeting those basic needs. Many of us live in a privileged world where having to live in survival mode doesn’t exist.

Despite that, our minds often trick ourselves into thinking that we live in a world where we need to be in constant survival mode.

We begin to think that the search for our life’s deeper meaning, our unmet fears we come across on our spiritual quests and challenges we meet as spiritual seekers is what being in survival mode is. As a result, we start to behave as vulnerable people.

We start to behave like it’s a burdensome responsibility that we simply have to bear. So rather than completely embracing that freedom, that privilege to be able to delve deep into our spiritual seeking, we behave like it’s such a heavy burden to carry.

Wishing we were the person next to us who hadn’t woken up, or that we didn’t have to be the kindest person in the world. Or that we didn’t have to go and meet God in meditation or be responsible, accountable and all that.

I’m calling out this behaviour!

I’m calling it all BS. You have the luxury and privilege of time and space, regardless how small, in your life. If you have the opportunity to ponder on the deeper meaning of life and you can make things better for others, means you live in a privileged state of reality.

Redundant conversations about politics and the state of the world will not change anything. Holding a different vibration and being an example to others, however, have the potential to create positive change. The entire world population doesn’t have to have a spiritual awakening.

It’s sufficient to have enough people choosing a path of awakening to tip the balance. Each and every one of you, spiritual seekers, can be that tipping point.

Every time you meet a subconscious fear, you have the opportunity to free yourself from it. Acknowledge it as a privileged opportunity and not as a burden that stops you from enjoying things you used to enjoy before your awakening.

You have to change your mind about yourself and free yourself from those imaginary burdens. Stop believing you’re in survival mode when in truth, you are not. You are freer than you can possibly imagine.

What is awaiting you on the other side of it is something truly full of grace and power.

There is divine responsibility that comes with that power.

If you’re not stuck in true survival mode, if you know where your next meal is going to come from, if you know your family is safe, you are free enough to read this post and free enough to know that you have a roof over your head, then it’s your divine responsibility to hold that vibration of awakening without believing it’s a burden.

You are the Light Bearer!

You are the Priestess!

That is a divine responsibility that you must now with grace. Don’t put those on yourself as some kind of special, privileged burden that you have to carry all by yourself. If it feels like a dead weight around your neck, then you’re missing the point and you haven’t met yourself as God as you have been invited to do.

It’s time to call out those who are pretending that they have a problem.

It’s time to call BS on this idea.

You will keep recycling the behaviour of someone in survival mode if you don’t change your perception of this reality. Your body will continue to be in a constant fight or flight response and will keep pumping out the stress hormones as a result.

Your body will keep believing that you are a victim of a circumstance when in fact you are not that at all. You are a consciousness engineer, creating your own reality.

Stop thinking of yourself as a limited human being. You are severely limiting yourself if you’re thinking you’re nothing more than solid matter. It will hinder forming a perception of yourself as pure consciousness.

Embrace the truth that you are actually vibration, pure energy, pure consciousness and that truth is reflected back to us in everything.

You have the privilege of being able to choose your reality.

Why don’t you own and embrace that?

Because that divine responsibility is terrifying to you. That is why you pretend that you’re in survival mode even though you actually have the freedom, the power, the control and the authority.

You can’t possibly make spiritual seeking into a burden when you’re free to carry on with that seeking and delve as deep into it as you want. No one says it’s going to be easy. You’re not going to develop those spiritual muscles if you are walking an easy path.

You are not here to walk that easy path. Having that spiritual steel means that yes, you will have to devote time to your daily practice. You will have to wake in the middle of the night when you’re called to do so.

You will be in discomfort while looking into the deeper meaning of your life. Spiritual seeking will not be your band-aid that covers up what you’re afraid to look at. It’s not what you’re here to do.

Your reason for awakening is not just to simply stand on your own little patch of the earth. If you’re reading this, chances are, your soul is yearning to meet its own power.

This is your invitation to change the world and to change human consciousness. Move beyond the trinkets of spiritual retails therapy and meet yourself as God made manifest. That is a true place of power.

Release the belief that life is burdensome and heavy. Release your self-pity. Own your freedom instead. Truly own it! Your path of spiritual seeking is a gift to be a leader in the global spiritual awakening that will alter the fabric of reality.

Your greatest freedom is your ability to change how you perceive yourself. That is how we will reach that tipping point for humanity. No more ego or pity stories, no more helplessness, no more BS.

No more telling yourself that you are limited and finite.

Take up the mantle of the Priestess and the God or Goddess. Without fear, declare yourself changed from within.

You changing yourself is your choice but the ripple effect that results from it will help change how others see themselves as well.

That is reality engineering and that is your power as a spiritual seeker. This work is not for our own benefit only.

Make a better choice now. Meet your fear to become fearless as a result.

All my love

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