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The movie theatre is one of the more unusual places for one to come to a realisation on how heroes show us how to change the world. That is what happened when I was watching the newest instalment of the Avengers series: Infinity War.

Superheroes going into battle, fighting for what is right. They have all battled their own human stuff to get to where they are. It was truly a battle between good and evil, light and dark.

The battle between light and dark is a truly universal experience. It’s a story we are all attracted to. The Hero’s Journey, such an archetypal thing and we can all relate to it.

We make choices in our everyday lives, to resist temptation or give into the fear of darkness. We are the superheroes of our own lives.

The reason why superhero movies are so successful is that they remind us that we have a choice and the opportunity to shift darkness into light.

Watch the video to listen in to my take on how super hero movies show us how we can change the world.


Scale this concept to our own life, we won’t encounter mystical beings or alien space crafts to battle with. What we will encounter however is our own fear. When we choose to bypass that fear and not indulge feelings like jealousy and hate, or ego, we are making a superhero choice.

We are shifting dark into light.

Those superhero battles take place within ourselves, not outside of us. Every time you choose your action from love instead of fear, you are working towards that tipping point where we bring human consciousness back towards love.

When you make this choice, it won’t be as spectacular as a superhero action movie. It will still be adding to the elevation of everyone’s consciousness.

Simple acts such as loving yourself will also do the same.

There is only Oneness, even in the dream state I talk about all the time. Even when we make choices in that state that are from love, we are contributing to the elevation of the unified consciousness. It all ripples out.

When you choose to act from love and interact with another person, you give them the opportunity to see themselves as God in that reflection. You hold that space for others and that is how darkness can be overcome.

No one can heal another.
No one can take you to God.
Everyone must do that for themselves.
What you can do, however, is hold the space for another.

Your spiritual superpower is to see God in others even if others won’t see God in you or themselves. Do this with compassion and kindness.

The Law of Attraction is as within, so without. That alone ensures that if you make your choices for love, then eventually, one way or another it will come back to you, full circle. The effects will ripple out and the transformation will change the world.

You are a spiritual superhero. You will see God in others even when they themselves can’t see it. This is your contribution to the battle between light and dark. This is a battle you will fight and win within first.

Your relationship with yourself is what’s real.

What you do for yourself is what you are able to offer to others. You don’t have to be perfect, you just need to be willing to meet your own demons, your own darkness.

That demon within, the ego-self, that is what you’re up against. It will try to convince you that you are separate from God. It’s up to you to choose to live a soul identified life.

There is a practice that can help you with that. I have used it myself. When you have someone who is giving your trouble or an event that you find challenging, practice the blessing of that person or event for 40 days.

Ego would have you believe that the other person is the problem. When you bless the person for 40 days, you are course correcting and rectifying your faulty thinking. That is true superhero stuff.

When you sit with love, you are altering the fabric of humanity. You are unified consciousness. Whatever you add to the unity from love, will change that unity for the better.

I want to remind you that your capacity to choose love is your greatest capacity to fight the darkness.

Every time you have the opportunity to squash an angry thought, jealousy, possessiveness, you are taking superhero action.

So when you have the opportunity, choose that path.


RJ xo

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