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Dr Jacob Brady-Walker is the only male Intuitive Intelligence Trainer in the world. Jacob is a chiropractor and in this episode, he shares the true intention of chiropractic, which is not about cracking bones! Jacob and his partner Leandra have recently moved from Australia to Portugal with their two daughters and are deep in their own season of transformation. This is a fascinating interview, in which Jacob shares the courage and thought processes it took to shut down a successful business and thriving life to leap into the unknown.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • trusting the reinvention process
  • living beyond the known
  • why chiropractic is his soul calling despite trying to walk away from the profession he chose at age 10.


Jacob is a father, husband, chiropractor, and the only man (so far) to have studied The Method with The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence.

As someone who embraces the inevitability of change in life, he has had multiple careers, even within the same profession – not to mention the many ventures that he has on the side.

He’s moved with his family from one end of the country to the other; and now, most recently, to the other side of the globe (again). Despite the ‘stress’ that goes with it, he’s had a blast every step of the way with his wife Dr Leandra.

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