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Stacey Webb is a current student of the Institute’s Postgraduate Diploma in Spiritual Directorship. She is also one of the most compelling women I have ever known. Through her experience as a police detective, a committed student and an intuitive being, she serves as an intuitive somatic mentor. Specialising in supporting others to create nervous system agility and safety in the body, she creates the conditions for others to know themselves beyond trauma. Her story is deeply personal and her wisdom is world class. You will be fascinated and moved by her unique and compelling story.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • the deficit in how first responders are trained to handle traumatic events
  • how nervous system agility is critical to the development of intuition and
  • her personal journey from police detective on the frontline of some of the most traumatic situations to nervous system expert


Stacey Webb is an Intuitive Somatic Mentor who possesses a unique fusion of skills that elegantly blends the art of healing with profound intuitive intelligence. This distinctive integration equips her to wholeheartedly support people on their transformative healing and awakened journey.

Stacey’s holistic approach centers around guiding people on a transformative journey that leads them to reconnect with their own nervous system, building safety and capacity, to release buried fears abs traumas, and simultaneously nurturing the emergence of authentic self-expression.


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