Key Features

Lara is a mother, Advanced Intuitive Guide and Founder of Sacred Blueprint. She is here to help those with extraordinary needs and abilities discover their life purpose and bridge the gap between their physical and metaphysical worlds, so they can shine their joy and limitless love on the world.

As a self-proclaimed student of life, she has spent her years devoted to learning from and serving some of the most vulnerable souls within our community, our children. Lara worked in Child Protection for over a decade before embarking on her journey to becoma a Trauma Informed Embodiment Coach. She uses her god conscious awareness, innate intuition, her training and experience to journey beyond the physical realm and unveil the Sacred Blueprint between parent and child.

Since becoming a mother to three spirited girls, her own journey of discovery has accelerated. Especially since her youngest daughter, Bonnie was born with a rare genetic mutation, igniting Lara with even more passion to live a full, abundant and sacred life.

Lara lives in Hervey Bay, Queensland with her husband David and their three girls. Whilst Lara is adept in her field at connecting parents and children together on the deepest level, she also is magnetic and humorous in her delivery. She is known to seek joy in every moment, finding magic in the Mum-dane, all the while knowing her service is her medicine.