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I will discuss with you the number one way that I know to fast-track our intuitive intelligence.

So what is the difference between intuition versus intuitive intelligence?

Intuition is an innate sixth sense which we all possess. Intuitive intelligence is a living breathing system that allows us to live in a continuous flow state in communion with the infinite.

So you are never without intuition, we all possess it in equal measure. No one has it more than anyone else but we are not necessarily living from it and we are not necessarily attuned to it or aware of it. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

So think about it as an innate inborn skill that we have to make the choice about developing that allows us to live in a continual communion. A flow state with the infinite.

So the institutes mission is to really change the conversation about intuition. For us to move from an externalization of intuition. This idea that intuition is outside of us and it’s something external. That the answers that we’re seeking belong in another realm or time and space and that we need either someone else or a special magic crystal or potion in order to access it. We need to change that conversation so that we begin to look, instead, at intuition as an act of consciousness.

So we as spiritual seekers are desiring to raise our consciousness. When we do that through devotion and practices of intuition we are raising consciousness. Intuition and consciousness are part of the same function. Our intuition is a very good sign that our consciousness is raising because the closer we get to our natural God nature (our higher consciousness) the more likely we are to be able to hear, feel, see, and know our intuition in every moment.

It is so important to creating the right conditions in which you can experience your intuition.The three things that you need every day in order to grow your relationship with your intuition is:

  1. Stillness
  2. Silence
  3. Solitude

These three things are a beautiful precondition for us to optimize our connection to our intuition. If you don’t have those things in our daily life, of course, you’re never going to hear your intuitive intelligence.

Intuition is subtle, it’s part of our subtle sensory system. It communicates through those subtle realms rather than through the dominant. We may register our intuitive through our dominant senses but that’s not where they begin from or are cultivated from. We need to withdraw our attention from the superficial world in order to meet our intuition in a really powerful way.

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