Key Features

Living in the beautiful South West of Western Australia with my beloved husband, our two incredible children and fur babies. I thoroughly enjoy connections in all their heavenly forms. With a connection to nature through bushwalking, being near any water source, my environment, animals, the dear relationships I hold, big warm hugs and heart filling/bursting conversations.
Realising the importance connection plays in supporting and nurturing me, I’ve come to know that it gifts me presence, connecting me to my heart space and filling me with joy. It supports me in fueling my passion for my work in the world.

Holding qualifications in the Intuitive Sciences as an Intuitive Intelligence Trainer, Advanced Embodiment Practitioner and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner. Continuing to deepen my studies in Spiritual Directorship and Spiritual Companioning, I blend my many skills and lived experience to support, guide, and mentor my clients in gaining a greater understanding of themselves, feeling empowered to release trauma more efficiently and effectively.

My work supports the release of trauma by curating an energetic, safe space to create shifts physically, cognitively, emotionally and spiritually. Through a systematic approach and the strong guidance of my Intuition, a safe, compassionate container exists to raise Consciousness and disrupt past patterns, so repeating cycles aren’t continued, enabling new ways and patterns to be established.

We work together through all of the energetic layers, putting in place structures to support the transition of change, increasing their own ability to support themselves and others more deeply. Understanding the necessity of all these areas needing to be addressed, I worked with them for transformation to be experienced.
This is my passion, and it would be my honour to be of service to you in this way.