Key Features

I have been obsessed with being ‘possessed by presence’ ever since finding yoga in 2014 and I have not looked back. Well, technically I have looked through many dimensions of time and space now (he he he) as I have become absolutely addicted to my growth and devotion. This was uncovered, illuminated and amplified through my training in 2020 with the Institute.

Coming into the Third Level as a ‘yoga teacher’ and a ‘single mother’ I now see my self as a sacred vessel of source – complete, pure and unlimited as I am – whole and holy. Not bound by any labels or limitations but free to meet and break theses every damn day with the power of my free will.

I have come home to my deep yearning to nourishing the roots of all I am here to serve. Holding them in all phases, pieces and parts, so they may have a safe and sacred environment to UNFURL for themself, as all power lies with YOU.

I am a big dream believer. Here to embody Divine peace, power and prosperity. Anything in the way of these vibrational states I like to describe are like weeds in your sacred garden.

We do not just rip these out from the top as they will just reshoot – the roots are well below the surface. We move slow and tender and shuffle the dirt layer by layer to get to the depths and tips of those gnarly roots. Removing them safely and with fierce love, compassion and precision.

I do not see you as broken or in pieces – you are pure and limitless, as we all are. I clear the space for you to anchor your self home to this inner knowing of your sovereignty. Walking beside you to the sacred water’s edge, but it is you who must drink it for yourself.

I look forward to the pleasure of clearing, connecting, growing and watering you, sweet Ones.