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Dare to be you and find your feminine flow

Bek Tomarchio

Once upon a time, there was a young woman in her early 30’s feeling trapped, disappointed and lonely within the walls of her being; feeling unworthy and certainly not lovable. This story is not unique in any way; it could be a different age, different fears however the story is familiar.

This connection changed the day she followed the inner whispers and leaned inwards with loving kindness.

Her quest began with a mission to understand femininity and in getting to know herself. Embarking on a deep journey within: into the constructs of the inner world and unlocking unbounded feminine potential. In doing so, she began to see herself through eyes of love and began to experience a sense of ease in her skin.

Radical self-love is getting to know all of you; bringing awareness to what is alive in your body. It is in listening to and learning the language of your soul. The invitation is ripe for you right now to take a step further into your own magnificence today. Dare to be you and make a vow to be unabashedly DIVINE, resplendent in perfect imperfection.

The below process is an open invitation of ways to connect with, care for and nurture unfolding into your own feminine essence. So you can rest there, so you can find peace there.

1) Awareness, Attention and Acceptance

“The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body”
Dr Bruce Lipton MD


Change your perception and you alter your reality. Your beliefs are not you, they are not set in stone and once awareness comes, change comes too. You are the master of your own reality and it is very possible to rewire your belief systems and forge new ways of being. Once you become aware of your current reality and the desire to be a different way, openness to new opportunities arises. With curiosity and playfulness, start to become aware of your inner world, slow down and listen to your heart. What is she saying, what does she need and how can you give it to her? Witness yourself. Love yourself with presence and remember to breathe.

Once familiar with your heart space then ask the most sacred cave, your yoni, your womb, ask your feminine knowing.

Remember, energy FLOWS where attention goes.

2) Inquiry, Healing and Harmonising

  • Harmonise your heart and head, rewire your neural pathways and tune into the wisdom of your heart
  • Embrace your menstrual cycle, your blood is important, womb wisdom is imperative to your success as a woman
  • Heal/re-balance and alchemise wounding and transform shadows, returning fear to love
  • Be your own guru
  • Embody re-awakened wisdom through movement and conscious involvement of your body temple
  • Awaken to your pleasure, your sensual delight of being a woman and reclaim your power
  • Devote yourself to your soul, to your faith; connect to your higher self and unity consciousness
  • Harmonise your masculine and feminine aspects
  • Find what brings you joy and follow that every damn day
  • Grow your support systems to support your flourishing (see point 3)
  • Embrace and grow your intuition and innate intuitive intelligence
  • Speak up, be real and have conversations that are connective, honest and genuine
  • Realise you are not alone in this and remove the belief in separation
  • Become conversant in the language of YOU and in the nuances of your being
  • Look after and maintain your energy

3) Set up systems to support and scaffold YOU to be YOU

Set yourself up for thriving. Look at your world, your space, your friends, and your wider community. Become a SPIRITUALLY FIERCE self-scientist and find what works for you! Work out how to provide for yourself the best bang for buck cellular nourishment. What do you need for you to explore and nurture your sacred relationship to yourself, and then be able to effectively navigate life from this juicy place? Look at the following areas and how you can create supports for yourself and your flourishing feminine, to nourish and generate wholeness and positive feminine wellbeing.

  • Environment/ Home/Lifestyle
  • Relationships/ Communication/Family
  • Work/Home/Balance
  • Routines and Rituals to nourish Mind/Body/Spirit
  • Community/ Sisterhood/ Connection
  • Sexuality/Creativity /Play
  • PLEASURE/Sensuality

Adopt systems that are congruent with the true you and what you need to be the best version of yourself. For each woman, the journey will be different. Each layer unravelled is one step closer to BLOSSOMING as your whole self.

The woman in the story was me. The powerful process above amplified the richness of my own life to a level of self-love, safety and confidence in my skin that I never dreamt to be possible. My deep dive into my femininity has led me to sacred art and with each painting, another aspect of the feminine as a collective is seen and loved.

There are so many facets to living an empowered life, this is not meant to be a ‘how to’, simply an invitation from your soul. Go forth dear ones and embrace your own unique self. Dare to be seen in your true gloriousness. My wish for you and all women is that may you always know the shine of your magnificence and may you find the courage and grace to shine that glow, sharing your essence openly with the world.

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