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 Sacred Sexual Priestess of Divine Pleasure Mysteries 

Bek Tomarchio


S- sovereign 

A- actions 

C- creating 

R- radiance 

E- erotic 

D- delight 


S- succulent 

E- expression

X- x-rated

U- unique 

A- angelic 

L- luscious 



R- rippling 

I- inspiration 

E- evolving 

S- seduction 

T- tantric 

E- excellence 

S- sensual 

S- shapeshifting 


O- oracle of the 

F- feminine 


D- dakini

I- inviting 

V- volition 

I- imbued 

N- nourishing 

E- exquisiteness 


P- pumping 

L- love

E- expanding 

A- awakening 

S- sexual 

U- urgency 

R- ravaging 

E- experience 



Y- yoni

S- sacredness 

T- teaching 

E- enchanting

R- rose 

I- infused 

E- exceptional 



Every woman is a goddess and holds the key of the pleasure mysteries within her. 

The archetype of sexual priestess and her revered path is in learning her bliss. 

Reclaiming the lost treasures and pleasures abound.

Re-igniting the absent magic she has forgotten in a world of shut down and shame.

Her power lies in care and connection of her own unique expression of Eros. 

How do you arouse the sleeping Aphrodite when there is so much chaos and confusion? 

Invoke her.

Awaken her.

Move her.

Gift her voice.

Move her hips.

Crown her.

Let love reign down.

Wet lips, drip golden elixir, from her truth, her words and her rich juiciness. 

A sacred sexual priestess of divine pleasure mysteries need only vow herself open. 

To activate this aspect and archetype, a woman must attune herself to the frequency of love. To return more of her state and space to receive love feel; hold and live, confidently owning the essence of her radiance and ecstasy. Letting go from her field and fancy all those stories and fears, insecurities and doubts.  

Courageous is the sensually alive woman who guards the holy chalice and chooses the active and intentional path of divine pleasure mysteries. 

She chooses the power and the wholeness of service. She is compassionate, literate in sensual awareness and emotional intelligence. Awakening and blossoming her bliss and sweet succulent temple. 

The role of the sexual priestess is of this world and knowing the mysteries of her inner sanctum, the sacred union of sisterhood and of brotherhood, with Gaia strong in her veins. Her role is also the other side of the veil to realms of the sorceress, the shaman and diving deeply into divine dark feminine wisdom. Training and re-remembering how to harness the energy of creation through her womb, her pleasure and so wield its aim true. Uniting the two is ambrosia.

The priestess alchemises healing and harmonises the world this way.  

For joy. 

For passion.

For sovereignty.

Breathing the fires of desire and surrender from our body, giving our souls and our sacredness a voice. The long awaited salve for all hearts purely because our frequency is that of our own magnificence.

They do this for freedom. 

For peace. 

For me.

For you.

To set the divine pleasure mysteries and all of the sacredness free. 

This article was first published in Issue 2 2019 of the Spiritually Fierce Magazine.

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