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In this episode, episode 5 guest and Institute postgraduate student, Krista Haapala, turns the tables and interviews me about my writing life. Krista asks surprising and compelling questions that take us deep into some unexpected areas including my first book, Spiritually Fierce, as a map of my own evolution, living our values, maturity in our ideas.

Book name: Superconscious Intuition

Superconscious Intuition is intuition beyond the new age ghetto, outside of the trinkets and superstitions of superficial spirituality.

You’re in a place where you live your intuition, your devotion is rocking, and you make choices in co-creation with the Universe. People tell you how intuitive you are. You’ve trained, invested and nurtured the growth of your intuition. And still, you yearn for a more advanced relationship with your spiritual superpower.

Superconscious Intuition is what you are seeking. This book gives you the wisdom to access a spiritually mature form of intuition and activate your spiritual agency.

Ricci-Jane Adams has observed how belittled, maligned and misrepresented intuition is in her two decades of intuition research. But that is all about to change.

In these pages, you gain access to leading-edge research, philosophy and practices to support you to:

  • Explore intuition as a map of the evolution of your consciousness
  • Activate superconsciousness within you by understanding nonlocality and nondualism
  • Embody the state of being of Intuitive Intelligence and attain spiritual agency
  • Purify your subconscious to optimise your access to the deepest phases of intuition

The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence is committed to disrupting intuition education and pioneering the new paradigm of intuition development and training. In this book, Ricci-Jane Adams shares her visionary perspective on the next generation of intuition.

In this episode we discuss:

  • unpacking white supremacy
  • why I unpublished the first edition of Spiritually Fierce
  • avoiding immature spiritual ideas
  • the alchemy of writer and reader
  • Being humble enough to shine
  • Jesus is a goddess too and nonbinary identities


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