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In this episode, Intuitive Business Mentor, Chenae Carey explains why she chose the road less travelled in resisting the trinkets and superstitions of the new age. Chenae is a champion of so many – the little crusader – who is committed to ending tall poppy syndrome and setting spiritual women free on the path of their sacred service. She is a natural-born leader and inspires others to step up and out into the world through her demonstration.


Chenae Carey is an Intuitive Business Mentor specialising in businesses run by women.

Chenae bridges the gap between practical strategy and intuitive guidance, drawing upon her Bachelor of Business and robust experience in the intuitive sciences to support her clients.

Hundreds of wellness, spiritual, coaching and creative businesses globally have worked with Chenae to confidently attract more clients, save time and increase efficiency.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The wound of not being good enough for spiritual businesswomen

  • Why we need to charge for our work in the spiritual industry

  • Lack mentality and division between women in business

  • Why not everyone is an entrepreneur

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