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My way to becoming Priestess

Kellie Guenther

Who is the Priestess? She encourages us to integrate our light and dark to bring our unconscious aspects of Self into consciousness. To Awaken. To Live on Purpose. 


I started the Third Level with The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence without knowing what BEING a Priestess meant. The Third Level doesn’t teach you to be a priestess, as I’ve learnt, it teaches you how to recognise fear, meet it, remove it and rise. 


The Priestess starts with herself first. You are your own Priestess. For a Priestess cannot hold space for others to meet fear without first doing it herself. So, what does fear look like? 


This is truly unique to each of our own experiences. I will speak to my own. In 2015, after the birth of my second son, two years before starting the Third Level, I went back part-time to my professional job as an Environmental Consultant. It was comfortable. We had a mortgage to pay and now two gorgeous souls to care for. 


Things started to change mid-year and I started to feel this job was not in alignment with my values anymore. What did this look like? Ha Ha! … A mother rushing from daycare drop off in the morning, and racing from work to pick up in the evening; yelling at her kids at night; drinking most nights; and basically crying often. Crying A LOT! This is fear BANGING at the ego’s door I now know. 


I thought to myself, ‘I have to resign from this job, it’s making me crazy!’ Six more weeks I stayed. SIX WEEKS. I think now, six weeks of THAT would be unbearable! Then I was pushed (of course by the universe). I indirectly called my boss a dickhead and resigned the following week. I honestly didn’t know what would happen. I had surrendered (mostly from exhaustion) because I knew deep in my soul I was not meant to stay in that job. 


The following year I studied Yoga while freelancing, which just fell into my lap! Yoga caught me and commenced the re-scaffolding! BUT… The mind stories, the victim, about how I was wronged, lasted 12 whole months, at least, which, I know now programmed 2017. It was a whole new level of fear. We were wronged again on a grand scale by a builder overpromising and under delivering while taking our money. Then, what did fear look like? Crying, lots of crying, over money. 


But at that exact same time, I was divinely guided towards the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence and the Third Level. The name didn’t even make sense to me! The title priestess was thrown around. I thought I’m not a priestess! Truth, I didn’t even feel like a priestess at graduation! But I do now. Because I have continued to be aware of fear and to let it be heard, then deal with it! Then move on. 


I am now ready to fully step into this role, holding space for women to break and put themselves back together again. Not the same. Different. Awakened. On purpose. Step 1) Break. Step 2) Surrender, the Universe will catch up. I’m a living example. 


*This article was first publishing the Spiritually Fierce magazine issue 2 2019


Kellie is a Spiritual Mentor to Professional Women seeking to reconnect with their purpose and Mother Earth.
She lives with a water loving Man and two soul children (and one fur baby) on the NSW Central Coast. She has faith Spiritual Sustainability can take us all back to leading an earth-centric lifestyle, its starts with activated aligned women! She is a Certified Intuitive Guide, Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Environmental Practitioner

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