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Fear Evaluation a Tool of the Intuitive Guide

In this video I share one of the key tools of the Intuitive Guide – fear evaluation. Looking to the subtle anatomy of the client for the dominant negative self-belief and understanding the archetypal shadow energy motivating it.

The method serves people by really identifying those subconscious fear blocks and to set about removing them from the subconscious. An intuitive guide is a fear hunter and they go looking for that fear so they can hold them to be released. The depth and power of this work is very much about the idea that we don’t need to heal, fix or make our clients better in any way, they are not broken. But the illusion of fear has taken root in the subconscious and whilst the client will be limited by whatever that fear or dominant negative self-belief is, we support the client. This is done through the unique alchemy between client and practitioner to remove whatever the most appropriate fear block is. This will change with every client, we have a lot of fear stories in our subconscious basement but we don’t have to face these fears on our own.

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