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Our relationship to ourselves and the intuition we have is what we truly are which is God. The idea that we are God is how we meet our infinite power. Intuition is a step on that path. So if we want to connect the idea that we are God, we have to have a communication line between us and that infinite consciousness. Our human identity keeps us believing that we’re separate.

Intuition is that bridge to step towards meeting our infinite power, acknowledging its existence and training. It is all part of it but really what excites me the most is actually looking at why are we afraid of our power. Very often it will come down to the question, why are we afraid of God? Why are we afraid of the word God? Why are we counting this pseudo spirituality and wellness speak and conversations about the dream?

We are responding to the dream as though it’s real and we continue to do that even though everything we’ve read. Studies are telling us that we are actually generating the dream. So why do we keep behaving as though this dream precedes us? It doesn’t. The consciousness proceeds matter, so why do we sit inside?

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Learn the practice that invites you to encode a new reality.

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