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Today we’re going to talk about speaking our truth and emotional contagion. I’ll talk about the intersections between those two things because I’m here ready to speak about something that I have been observing in the spiritual community for a while now. There’s an aspect to it that has a shadow side that I feel a responsibility and a duty of care to the women that I serve to speak about.

First of all, I want to talk about this idea of ‘speaking our truth’, because I think we get this so freaking wrong. We think of this idea of speaking our truth as permission to shit on everybody else with our personal opinion on anything and everything. Then when chaos happens and we’ve disrupted everybody’s lives we just say “I was just speaking my truth”. Somehow this seems to justify the huge amount of chaos that we’ve caused when what we’ve actually done is dumped our opinion on other people. In actual fact we’ve just been irresponsible or not had any care in how we shared.

Let me break this down. The throat chakra is the center of expression. It’s one of the higher chakras which means that we’ve moved beyond that survival mode. When we’re working with our throat chakra and the issues in our throat chakra we are absolutely working with truth. We’re working with our fearlessness to speak truth. This is very different from speaking “Our Truth” which might not actually be ‘eternal forever’ truth but just a temporary stage of our evolution. We judge the world from our particular level of consciousness and we decide what our truth is. We can then decide to share that opinion with everybody else based on how evolved our consciousness is. Then some people will like it and some people won’t. Now, that is very different from speaking truth! Speaking truth is
speaking with God consciousness.

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