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I am here today with a fire in my belly! This is something I speak about a lot with my Third Level priestesses and they probably get a bit bored of hearing it, but it is absolutely the truth and it’s something we need all to be reminding ourselves of on this path.

I often get ideas about what I want to share when I’m on the mat at yoga and this idea of really showing up to our devotional practices in a non-negotiable way just kind of dropped into my consciousness this morning during my class.

So, yes – if you are one of my priestesses, you may be thinking “Oh my god, I’m gone!” when hearing this again. But this is a truth I believe in.

With our ongoing desire to consume knowledge and information on this path of spiritual seeking, and the constant attainment of new information – the next book to read, the next teacher to follow, the next thing to do, the next workshop to attend – we often overlook implementation.

We don’t take the time to create the conditions in which the knowledge we’re aiming for can become wisdom through embodiment.

What do I mean by that? Basically, I mean practice.

We fail to cultivate that inner bliss, or inner discipline, that state where we can turn our understanding into experience.

That cultivation of that state is actually the key to all of our practices. And the cultivation of that state will allow you to go into those practices in a way that will make them real.

I’ve talked about this quite frequently, but I feel like I need to discuss it from this angle again because I think there is a temptation for us to become very superficial spiritual seekers.

We’re currently living in a time that is a spiritual zeitgeist. We’re in this second age of a mystical Renaissance that we are bringing to the world, and I believe this group is particularly active at bringing an embodied spirituality to the world. But it can become easy for it simply to be the pursuit of more and more information without actually cultivating a discipline that will allow us to turn the knowledge into wisdom.

I remember when Spiritually Fierce came out, someone said they were seeking some deeper practices, some deeper spiritual practices, and someone recommended Spiritually Fierce. But if you have mastered every practice that’s in Spiritually Fierce, you’ll know there is a shit-ton of practices in there.  So, in a way, more would be completely redundant because there’s only so many things we can learn that will ultimately take us any further.

At the heart and soul of all spiritual seeking – or what should be -is stillness, silence, and solitude.  Even if we were to cultivate a life where we have those things every single day, where we would go as spiritual seekers is on a trajectory that would blow our minds!

We think it’s about the attainment of knowledge.
We think it’s about techniques.
We think it’s about modalities.
We think it’s about seeing other people and getting them to do the things for us.

I was in Canada last week, as you know, with the gorgeous Lisa Smith and we were hanging out with Joe Dispenza.

He was explaining that at his workshops he’s actually stopped taking questions. He stopped taking questions because every question would be the same – someone trying to explain why his process didn’t work for them. His process is very simple. Ultimately, the science is incredibly complex, but his processes are incredibly simple. It’s meditation.

I don’t know if you’ve figured this out yet – there are four kinds of meditation and becoming supernatural and that’s it.  That’s Joe’s practices. His science is mind-blowingly complex. He provides all the brain scans you could possibly imagine – it’s just breathtaking to read – but when it comes to applying what he’s talking about, about how to attain the great benefits he’s describing, it’s meditate, meditate, meditate, and meditate.  You can do some breathing in there, some pranayama would be really good, and he’s drawing on ancient traditions including Kundalini Yoga, and he’s drawing on really, really simple devotional practices that are as old as time. One is a walking meditation, one is a seated meditation, one is a laying down meditation, and there’s one other meditation I can’t remember right now.

But he stopped taking questions at his workshops because people would say “Oh, it’s not working for me. I’m the exception.”  When he asked, “Have you been doing the work?” they would be full of excuses about why he didn’t understand. So he would ask again, “Have you been doing the work?” And when the answer was no, he would just tell them to go away and do the work, and then come back if they’ve got a problem.

And that is the idea I want to continue with all of you today. Especially my beautiful priestesses who hear me say this all the time.

Most of the world has the idea that all of this spiritual stuff is great until life actually happens. Then when life actually happens, we abandon our practices.

The number of times my students or clients have said to me, “I was so good with my devotion, I was doing it every day and then things got difficult.  My relationship ended, or a parent died, or a child got sick, or whatever the situation was, and I stopped doing my practices.”  And they expect me to say “Oh, okay, that makes perfect sense.” But it doesn’t make perfect sense! Just at the moment where the dream is kicking up a notch, you decide to eliminate the one thing that will help you navigate it.

Why do we do that? Why do we sabotage ourselves in that way?

The answer is in the question.  Really, it IS sabotage.

When we are emancipating ourselves from the dream, we’re recognising that the dream is not a reality, and that in the dream you have nothing. Nothing exists in the dream, nothing at the level of matter is real. But we behave as though it is.

Our practices of devotion take us out of the dream and elevate our consciousness to the level of fifth dimension, pure energy, and pure potential, where we are crafting reality and perfecting our future.

When we elevate ourselves to that level, something happens in the dream, down at a lower state of consciousness. We get sucked back into it like addicts coming in for another hit.  And we use that as an excuse not to show up to our devotions.

Why, why, why?  Because we’re terrified of our own power.

It is vital that we do not overlook the absolute simplest truth that it’s the practices that are going to get us there. Not the complexity of the belief systems. Not even the pictures of all the amazing brain scans. Not attending all the workshops ever.

If you want to change your life, if you truly want to walk the path of the mystic, you have to show up and you have to show up every damn day.

You have to show up to the simplest practices first because there’s no point going off on highly complex tangents. It’s in the simplicity of the practice that you will meet yourself as God. If you are involved in something that is ridiculously complex, then it’s highly likely you’re not going to be able to find what you need.  Instead, you are going to get caught up in the machinations of the ego.

The simplest practices for me are heart coherence. Your life should be populated with heart coherence every moment. Ultimately your life will become a constant state of heart coherence.

What I would love for you to do is just to hear these words. That we need to show up to our devotional practices, not to get more intelligent and more clever.

If you want to change your life and you’re telling me that your spirituality is not working for you, then all I can do is ask, “Have you practised today?”  If the answer is no, then get back to that and that’s where you’ll change your reality.

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