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So for the last eight days we’ve been going on a journey of cultivating a deeper relationship with one of the three primary archetypes of the third level program.These are the Priestess, Mystic and the Leader. In our group the whole point of the challenge is to give us all an opportunity to cultivate that relationship for our self.

Some people will never go on the third-level journey – they may not be ready or they may not feel that it’s right for them. We can all have a deep intimate relationship with these archetypes.

An archetype is simply an energetic pattern that repeats. So today I’m going to tune into the archetype of the sacred leader, but who turns up as the sacred leader is unknown.

Of course, the idea of the archetype is to think beyond belief, to think beyond mythology, to think beyond religion, not to become overly attached to the idea of individual personalities because the archetype as an energy pattern that repeats. It’s simply a face of God or infinite consciousness and that’s exactly what we are. The point is for us is to recognize that “I am that – It is within me”.

The sacred leader is typified by the formula of humility, grace and power. She leads not because she thinks that she has qualities that are greater than others, she leads because she knows the qualities she possesses are infinite consciousness qualities. Her job is to draw those out of others so she’s been given this advantage of being able to see those qualities in herself and draw those qualities out of others so hey may see it within themselves even when they’re not aware that those qualities exist within them.

“The sacred leader is able to see God in the other even when they cannot see God in you” – Marianne Williamson

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