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The mystic is often there with you from the beginning of your life. It may be as your life changes she comes and goes but if you were to recall yourself as a child did you create spaces for yourself that were secreted away from the world? Did you like to spend time on your own? Did you often feel deeply attuned to the world of the adults around you? Even if you didn’t know exactly what was going on, did you have a really good sense of the emotional state of being of the people around you? Did you feel drawn to the images of religion? Were drawn to the ideas of angels, saints or even practices like prayer.

You may found yourself even as a little child having imaginary friends or talking to God, this is often the case with women that I meet who I train as contemporary mystics. That quality has been with them since they were tiny but it may just be re-surging at this point in their life- particularly when they are beginning to have the freedom to pursue their soul path.

So who is the mystic in a contemporary world?

Because once upon a time if you were drawn to a mystics life you would shun the things of daily life and you would pursue the inner workings of the soul above all else. But we’re not in that age anymore. We live in the age of the mystic in the world – she has to be present. She’s raising the babies and she’s doing the work and she’s showing up in real life.

This is something that really typifies the contemporary mystic. One of the ways that we can so often get lost is that we are so in the world that we forget to privilege a mystic.

So the mystic is someone who naturally and through effort and dedication cultivates a relationship with their inner life with their relationship with God/Infinite consciousness first. So their primary relationship is with God/Infinite consciousness and then everything else comes after that. That doesn’t mean they don’t have partners or children or homes or all of that.

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