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There’s a lot of conversation about laws and what it is to live by the cosmic laws of the universe. But what are we actually talking about when we talk about the immutable laws?

These are not laws that can be altered based on whoever’s publishing a book or whatever’s popular or trendy right now. These laws determine our reality all of the time. They are how the universe functions and until we understand these laws, we are caught up in a false belief that we can figure out how things are supposed to unfold.

When we live in accordance with the laws, our life will come into a flow state so that we end up with ease and grace, with things coming to us effortlessly.  I describe it as entering into a state or a relationship with the infinite consciousness of the one mind. You might hear it described as a divine matrix or the quantum field.

To live in partnership with the quantum field is to live in a state of holy communion. We have to be living in accordance with these laws – there’s no other way around it.

These laws should be what we teach every child from the beginning of their life because if they had this knowledge then they wouldn’t wonder why things happen.  They wouldn’t wonder if God is teaching them a lesson, or if they are being punished for working hard, or why are things the way they are.  We wouldn’t get caught up in false or superficial ideas of spirituality, or laws that are created to sell a book.

The laws I’m going to share with you today are laws that are ancient. They’ve been passed down verbally until the beginning of the 20th century.  There are between seven and twelve laws that are spoken about in the oral tradition. It was only quite recently in our history put down into writing, so there’s not an exact number. But only three of them are immutable, which means that they do not change.

When we understand these three laws we begin to move into a right relationship with our own lives.

These laws were first written down anonymously and published in a text called the Kybalion at the beginning of the 20th century. These laws were supposedly from the age of Hermes and Thoth which are Egyptian and Hellenistic gods. Over time, they are able to be held by a person who would receive them and be an initiate into that information.

Eventually, at the beginning of the 20th century and probably with the advent of convenient publishing, these laws were finally written down. Up until then, they’d only been part of the oral tradition and I think that’s why there’s so much mystery around this information.

The information itself is not mysterious. In fact, what’s happening now and has been happening for the last hundred years with the advent of quantum physics, are that the laws are beginning to be verified from that perspective.

Cosmic Laws 101

Today’s topic is Cosmic Laws 101, so we’re gonna jump in with a very simple introduction of each of the three immutable laws. If you can start building a relationship with these three laws, if you can start implementing these laws into your own life, you will very rapidly see success coming into your life with ease and grace because you are lining up with that infinite one mind. So what are the laws?

The first law is the Law of Mentalism. Then we have the Law of Correspondence. And finally, there is the Law of Vibration.

I want to through these so that you can have a very simple introductory understanding of what these three laws are and how they function so that we may begin to implement them into our own lives.

The Law of Mentalism

The first law is the Law of Mentalism.  Don’t let the name scare you because it’s a very simple law. It states that all is of the mind and I want to break that down a little bit because those of us on the spiritual path can get quite suspicious of the idea of mind.  We may think in terms of the ego mind or the part of us that thinks it’s separate from God, but if we actually start thinking in terms of mind being consciousness and consciousness is all there is and consciousness is what creates reality, we can begin to understand how we must live in accordance with that truth.

If we want to truly build from our place of power (rather than trying to make things happen by forcing physical matter into being) where we most powerfully create from is the level of pure consciousness. One layer of that is thoughts but another layer of that is feeling.  We’ll get into that when we get to the Law of Vibration. When those two forces meet, when the thought and the feeling meet, we create a frequency that is where we truly create from.

What is held in the mind is what is actually creating our reality.  Not what we would like it to be from our personal identity, our personality.  The layer of mind that I’m speaking of is not the conscious mind which is what says that you want a cruise next year or you want this much money in the bank. The part of you that’s actually running the show is the subconscious mind.

It’s the subconscious mind that is creative.  That’s why the work that I do in the Institute is initially about going to meet the unmet subconscious program. You make your choices from the subconscious mind which cannot be accessed by ordinary states of consciousness.  We have to learn how to access that part of ourselves and we can’t do that in the ordinary busy part of our life.

That’s one part of this law but the other part of the law is that all is of the mind.  There is an inherent interconnectedness of all life. Individual reality is a misnomer, but we’ll go with it for now because this is 101 and not the advanced program.  The inherent interconnectedness of all life has been proven by quantum physics. The quantum field is that everything is part of one consciousness.  In my understanding, this is the God mind. In the god mind, we all reside. We all exist in the one mind of God, that which is the original creative force. Everything is connected. Everything is one.

Which is why it’s a misnomer to say that we have an individual mind that can go about trying to create a reality individually because everything that we create is part of that one mind. Which means we have a responsibility to ensure that what we’re creating is in accord with the greater good of all. Most of us don’t take that responsibility seriously. Most of us think it’s about getting our own individual needs met.

The really beautiful thing about this is that when we recognize the inherent interconnectedness, we suddenly have this place we can draw from which we are part of and is part of everything around us.  It brings to us with ease and grace all that we require at any given time.  The truth is, it’s communing with us all of the time but mostly we block that communication because of our unmet subconscious fear.  So you see why it’s so important that we do the work of clearing our unmet subconscious fear.

So we have these two parts to the Law of Mentalism – the inherent interconnectedness of all, all is of the one mind and that is the God-mind – and then we have the idea that we are creating not from the level of the superficial, but from the deep subconscious layer of consciousness.  We have to learn how to commune with that. These are all skills we can learn, by the way. We just haven’t been initiated into this information because no one told us how the cosmos really, truly operates.  But when you get initiated into that information, you have the keys to the universe.

Suddenly, you are able to create in such a powerful way.

The Law of Correspondence

The second cosmic law is the Law of Correspondence.

We can also think of this as the law of communication. As I just mentioned, the infinite one mind that we are all a part of is constantly in communion with us. It’s constantly trying to feed us information that will help us with whatever life situation we’re currently experiencing. We’ve blocked that flow of communication, usually, because of our unworthiness. So our belief that we are not worthy of hearing that one mind of God commune with us is a really big reason as to why we do not hear or receive our innate intuitive knowing. The infinite one mind is trying to communally correspond with us and we’re not hearing it.

The other part of this law is that the Law of Correspondence states, “As within, so without.  As above, so below.”

As above, so below means that there’s the infinite one mind that’s trying to commune with you because you are it and it loves you and it wants you to know the answers to your life. But you’re blocking it because you think you’re not worthy. As within, so without means that what you see in this dream, this world around you, is in correspondence with what you believe about it, remembering that everything is pure consciousness.

So whatever you’re holding within you, whatever your beliefs are will correspond with what you see returned to you. There are phases to this – it doesn’t necessarily happen all at once.  We don’t suddenly change our thinking and see a benevolent world.  We begin by being willing to put down judgment. When we start to surrender judgment of good or bad, that ‘this is good for me’ or ‘that is bad for me,’ then we begin to move into a more suggestible and open state.

From that place, we begin to build a reality from our belief that is now judgment-free and therefore not fearful and therefore not pushing out a fearful story. We are able to receive a benevolent and loving world back to us. We start to not only see better things in other people, we start to literally receive better things from other people and from the world at large. This is a true two-stage process and it’s a powerful thing to go on that journey of surrendering judgment of good or bad.

The Law of Correspondence is basically saying, “As within, so without.”

The Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration states that everything is in motion. We know from quantum physics that right down to the level of the subatomic particle we are not actually particles at all.  We are wave. We are pure potential. It is through the active observation that the wave turns into a particle. This was evidenced in the double-slit experiment.

So everything that we are is in motion. It is constant change, it’s constant flux, it’s constant movement. Nothing about us is still. It is simply a misnomer to think that we’re solid. We are vibrating particles or fields within fields within fields. Not only right down to the subatomic particle, but also right up to the full expression of our physical body. So is everything that we see around us. Everything, right up to the entire cosmos is simply a field of vibration. That vibration is instructed to behave through frequency and what creates that frequency is in our bodies’ feeling state.  So when we alter our feelings state (going back to the Law of Correspondence), when we put down judgment, we start to see a living world.

It’s because you change your vibration to a different frequency. Just like when you tune in on a radio to a different station you have to change the frequency to get to different sounds, different music, different voices. We alter our reality by tuning in to a different frequency. We change our vibration and suddenly we are attuned to a different reality. There’s every layer of reality, every layer of hell, and every layer of heaven that you can make a choice to attune to with your vibration.

Put down the idea that you are solid matter and that your highest goal is to stop things from changing. Those two things are what cause most of our suffering.

When we begin to recognize that we are fields within fields within fields of vibrating waves of energy that are communing with each other and the infinite one mind all of the time, and that by altering our vibration we’re able to actually meet ourselves as the infinite one mind and get clear access to all the information that’s available to us, we will start to see how we can actively craft a reality, not just passively receive a reality.

These three laws, as you can hear from the way I’m describing them, are so connected you can’t really have one without the other. The reason they’re immutable is that it will not matter where we are on an evolutionary journey, these laws will not change. So we’d better get on board with them!

When things start going wrong or right in your life depending on your judgement of them, don’t say, “Oh my god, why is God punishing me?” or “Why am I being taught a lesson?” or “Why did that person do this to me?”

Look to yourself and simply ask the questions:

“Where have I broken the law? Where am I out of correspondence? Am I angry with the world and expecting to see a loving world? Am I holding the idea that my thoughts are not crafting my reality? Am I holding a low, heavy feeling state and I’m not willing to change it? Am I wanting to sit in my grumpiness and expect everybody to change around me?”

It’s simply not possible.

Understand the Laws to Change Your Life

There’s so much I want to share with you about this. This is the information that I share as part of the Institute’s Initiate Program.

I believe when we have this in our life, everything will change for the better. When we don’t have this information, we’re literally walking around blindfolded, bumping into things, hoping that things are gonna go away and ultimately just chancing it.

Why would we do that when we’ve actually been given direct information, handed down for thousands of years, to actually be able to access and alter reality and the fabric of existence? It’s about understanding the true nature of consciousness and our capacity to alter consciousness.

So those are the three immutable laws. I think that when we have this knowledge and this information, we have so much potential to unlock our lives and to start seeing something we truly want.

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